TOMII Makoto

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TOMII Makoto
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Letters, Department of History
Job title
assitant professor
Master of Arts(Kyoto University), Master of Arts(University of Durham)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyoto University
Archaeology, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyoto University
Prehistoric Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of Durham
Faculty of Literature, Kyoto University

Published Papers

An approach to the prehistoric perception of frontality of pottery: through collating its internal attributes with its contextual information
TOMII Makoto
The Archaeological Joural   (725) 32-33   May 2019
A Review of the Study of Population Dynamics in the Kinki and Chūgoku Regions in the Jōmon Period with Focus on Methodological and Theoretical Issues in the Archaeological “Ebb and Flow Diagram” Research
TOMII Makoto
Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History   208 215-248   Mar 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Traces of local disaster and buried cultural properties research
TOMII Makoto
Quarterly of Archaeological Studies   64(2) 24-39   Sep 2017   [Invited]
Destruction of a burial mound suggested from the provenacial analysis and fracture mechanical examination of its deposited haniwa figures
TOMII Makoto
Quarterly of Archaeological Studies   62(4) 49-70   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
TOMII Makoto
Open Archaeology   1(1) 247-257   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
M. Tomii
Archaeologies   3(3) 433-436   2007   [Refereed]


The Analysis of Pottery and Its Interpretation : The Localisation of the Satogi II Type
冨井 眞
From Jomon to Star Carr(in press),   
Development of house structure in the Jomon Period in Kyoto region
冨井 眞
Second Worldwide SEAA Conference,      2000
An attmpt to rethink the way of making an explanatory comment in exhibiting prehistoric pottery
makoto TOMII
7th World Archaeological Congress      Jan 2013   [Refereed]

Books etc

The diverse sense of frontality of prehistoric pottery (in) Artistic Practices and Archaeological Research
TOMII Makoto (Part:Joint Work, pp.41-58)
Yamanouchi, Sugao (in) Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology
TOMII Makoto (Part:Contributor, pp. 7941-7943)
Springer   Jul 2014   
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TOMII Makoto (Part:Contributor, pp. 6444-6446)
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Periodization in Japanese prehistoric archaeology (in) Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology
TOMII Makoto (Part:Contributor, pp. 5885-5889)
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Kanaseki, Hiroshi (in) Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology
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Hamada, Kosaku (in) Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology
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Springer   Jul 2014   
Coexistence and Cultural Transmission in East Asia
TOMII Makoto (Part:Editor, pp. 17-28)
Routledge   2010   

Conference Activities & Talks

A cognitive approach to the sensibility to the pottery in prehistoric funerals
TOMII Makoto
18th International Union of the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences   7 Jun 2018   
The traces of local disaster and researches of buried cultural properties
TOMII Makoto
63rd Annual Meeting of the Society of Archaeological Studies   16 Apr 2017   
Code of Ethics of the Japanese Archaeological Association, why and to whom
TOMII Makoto
The Eighth World Wacheological Congress   29 Aug 2016   


Excavations at the No. 245/341 of Tama Newtown
Excavations at Awazu Shell Midden

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Jomon Culture
Study on Prehistoric Theory, Method, and Perspective
Study on Prehistoric natural disaster
Project Year: 2004