Sato Ren'ya

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Sato Ren'ya
Osaka University
Graduate School of Letters Division of Studies on Cultural Forms
Job title
Ph. D.(Kyoto University), (BLANK)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Nov 2000
Mar 2006
Associate Professor, Kyushu University Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, Department of Environmental Changes
Kyoto University, Research Associate


Geography, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
Faculty of Literature, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Traditional land use in Loess Plateau (China) and the ‘Grain-for-Green’ project: a case from Ansai, Shanxi
Sato, R., Nawata, H., Aosier, B., Nagasawa, R., Jia,R., Zhang, W., Hou, Q., and Yamanaka, N.
216-230   2012   [Invited]
Evaluate the eco-effectiveness of Grain for Green Project of China using a satellite-drived land surface parameter
Hoshino,B., Nawata, H., Nagasawa, R., Sato, R., Yamanaka, N. and Ganzorig, S.
International Journal of Environmental Creation   10(2) 29-36   2009   [Refereed]
African area studies by Japanese geographers, 1987-2007
Sato Ren'ya
Geographical Review of Japan   81(5) 349-360   2008   [Refereed]


Formation of Histrical Consciousness among the Majangir : A Preliminary View with an Analysis of a narrative on "the Majangir History. "
Swahili & African Studies   7    1997
Labor Allocation and Diversification Strategy of Swedden Agricultural System : A Report from the Majangir, Southwest Ethiopia.
Human Geography   47(6) 541-561   1995
"Narratives on Modern History" among the Majangir, Shifting Cultivators in Southwestern Ethiopia.
Conference of Japan Association for African Studies      1997
Flexible Systems of Swidden Agriculture under Uncertain Conditions of Environment.
1996's Conference of Human Geographical Assocication of Japan      1996
Christianization and Social Change among the Majangir, Shifting Cultivators in Southwestern Ethiopia.
50th United Conference of Japanese Anthropological and Ethnological Society.      1996

Books etc

Remapping Ethiopia (James, W. et al. eds.)
James & Currey   2002   


Study on Christianization and Social Change among the Surmic Majangir, Southwestern Ethiopia.
1995 - 1996
Study on Subsistence Economy among the Surmic Majangir, Southwestern Ethiopia.
1992 - 1994
Ethnoboranical Study among the Yami, Taiwan.
Study on Land Use History of Shifting Cultivation among the Majangir, Southwestern Ethiopia
Vegetation Surrey of Swidden Fallows in the Tropical Forest Area, Southwestem Ethiopia.
1998 - 1999

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Swidden Agricultural Societies and their change in Northeast Africa
Center-Periphery Relationships and Ethnopolitics in Ethiopia
Oral tradition and Inter-ethnic Relationships among peoples in southwestern Ethiopia
Ecological Anthropology on Shifting Cultivators