YATA Hiroshi

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YATA Hiroshi
Aichi University
Faculty of Business Administration Department of Business Administration
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Research Interests



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Waseda University
Faculty of Literature, Waseda University


CaoZhi 曹植's Yue-fu 楽府 Poems on Mountain Hermits -mainly Concerning their Differences from the precedent Poems-
Studies in Chinese Classical Literature   (9) 27-43   1990
An Essay on the Author of 'Yuan ge xing「怨歌行」'-Considering the Method of the CaoZhi 曹植's Historical Poetry-
Studies in Chinese Classical Literature   (11) 13-39   1992
Desire or Despair which resulted from recogniton of being in the Similar Situation -The man and work of CaoZhi(曹植) viewed in Comparison with those of Zhou gong dan(周公旦), and with those of Qu yuan(屈原)-
Bulletin of the Graduate Division of Literature of WASEDA UNIVERSITY(Literature Arts)   (19) 129-138   1992
The Period of CaoZhi 曹植's Writing of'Tai shan liang fu xing'「泰山梁甫行」-concerning the Authenticity of chen Zuo-ming 陳祚明's Theory of'Huang chu yuan nian'黄初元年-
Studies in Chinese Classical Literature   (12) 1-20   1993
A study of CaoZhi 曹植's'San liang shi「三良詩」'-Mainly in Relation to'Wen di lei「文帝誄」'
Journal of the Waseda University Society of Chinese Literature   (19) 1-17   1993

Books etc

CaoCao 曹操's Duan ge xing『短歌行』 'Zhou xi bo Chang pian 『周西伯昌篇』'
Kotoba wo Kangaeru 4 (Arm)   2001   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on CaoZhi 曹植's poems
Project Year: 1988   
Study on the poetry of the Western Jin Dynsty
Project Year: 1995