OHKADO Masayuki

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OHKADO Masayuki
Chubu University
College of Humanities, Department of English Language and Culture
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Mar 2013
Visiting Professor, Division of Perceptual Studies, School of Medicine, University of Virginia
Jul 1994
Sep 1994
Visiting Scholar, University of Amsterdam
Sep 1991
Aug 1992
Visiting Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Graduate School, Division of Letters, Nagoya University
Faculty of Foreign Language, Osaka University of Foreign Studies

Awards & Honors

Nov 2012
Yuasa Yasuo Promotion Award, Society for Mind-Body Science
Jul 2010
Promotion Prize, International Society of Life Information Science
Jul 2008
Awards for Educational Activities, Chubu University
Jun 2007
Awards for Educational Activities, Chubu University
Jun 2005
Awards for Educational Activities, Chubu University

Published Papers

A Case of Spiritually Transformative Experiences Induced by a Child's Prenatal Memories
OHKADO Masayuki
Journal of Mind-Body Science   27(1) 13-22   2018   [Refereed]
A Comparison of Hypnotically-Induced Death Experiences and Near-Death Experiences
OHKADO Masayuki
Journal of International Society of Life Information Science   36(2) 73-77   2018   [Refereed]
A New Approach to Collecting Children's Statements Concerning Their Prenatal and Perinatal Memories
OHKADO Masayuki
Biomedical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research   4(4) 1-4   2018   [Refereed]
Same-Family Cases of the Reincarnation Type in Japan
OHKADO Masayuki
Journal of Scientific Exploration   31(4) 555-575   2017   [Refereed]
A Same-Family Case of the Reincarnation Type
OHKADO Masayuki
Journal of Mind-Body Science   25(1) 3-12   2016   [Refereed]


NEG1 Constructions in Old English
English Linguistics   13 277-298   1996
On Old English Subordinate Clauses with Special Reference to b(]J0933[)t Clauses
Papers from the Thirteerith National Conference of the English Linguistic Society of Japan      1996
The History of Verb Movement (Review Article of Verbs and Diachronic Syntax : A Comparative History of English and French, by Ian Roberts, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht)
English Linguistics   12 299-318   1995
AP Constructions in Apollonius of Txre
Linguistics and Philology   15 41-61   1995
"Auxiliary-Predicate"Combination and Verb(Projection)Raising
IVY   28 69-89   1995

Books etc

Language Change and Variation from Old English to Late Modern English: A Festschrift for Minoji Akimoto
OHKADO Masayuki (Part:Joint Work)
Peter Lang   2010   
Synchronic and Diachronic Approaches to the Study of Language: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Masachiyo Amano
OHKADO Masayuki (Part:Joint Work)
Eichosha Phoenix   2010   
English Historical Linguistics 2008, Volume 1: The History of English Verbal and Nominal Constructins
OHKADO Masayuki (Part:Joint Work)
John Benjamins   2010   
Historical Englishes in Varieties of Texts and Contexts: The Global COE Program, International Conference 2007
OHKADO Masayuki (Part:Joint Editor)
Peter Lang   2008   
Historical Englishes in Varieties of Texts and Contexts
OHKADO Masayuki (Part:Joint Editor)
Peter Lang   2008   

Research Grants & Projects

The Development of Word Order in the History of English