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Waseda University
Faculty of Human Sciences School of Human Sciences
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Ph.D. in Instructional Design & Technology, Foreign Lang. Edu.(The Ohio State University (U.S.A.))
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Foreign Lang. Edu. , Educational Communication, Graduate School, Division of Educational Communication, U.S.A The Ohio State University

Published Papers

A Case Study of Analysis of Class Activities observed by Teaching Assistants
(24) 45-54   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
A study of recognition of hand-writing and hand-written words
Eri Terada & Norio Hozaki
Japan Journal of Educational Technology   42(Suppl.) 145-148   2018   [Refereed]
Recognition of hand writing and hand-written words was investigated amont three groups,
1) ordonary college students, 2) calligraphers, and 3) e-school students.
The result indicated e-school students, with a higher mean of age, showed a positive ...
An Analysis of Student Interaction and English Language Use Through Online Discussion
Norio Hozaki
Journal of Center for Educational Research and Development, Tokai Univeristy   1 27-41   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
After introducing the design of a customized Moodle communication system called "TEDiscussion," actual online write-ins are introduced and analyzed. Aspects analyzed include (1) how the information from the video clips, speech scripts and subtitle...
Construction of an English Discussion Board Using TED Talks Videos and its Practice: Focusing on intercollegiate discussions
Norio Hozaki
Gunnma Kosen Review   (35) 39-45   Nov 2016
Construction of an Online English Discussion Board is introduced. The participaing college students on Moodle-based online discussion system showed a great interest in the learning system.
Multimedia courseware development and evaluation of the use of the English lessons for elementary school students by classroom teachers
Japnese Journal of Educational Media Research   23(1) 47-57   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
This study reports the development and evaluation of the usability of the multimedia courseware of English lessons for elementary school students. The courseware consists of seven chapters (Mime-time, Tokotoko Street, Short English stories, Chants...

Books etc

Creative activities of visual representation in an authentic situation
Hozaki, Norio (Part:Contributor)
Nakanishiya Pub. Co. Ltd.   Jul 2016   ISBN:978-4-7795-9
Proposed suggestions of FLES by using Eigo Manabi Nooto
Norio Hozaki (Part:Contributor)
Educational Center at Tokorozawa   Dec 2009   
By using the courseware material developed by Educatrion Center of Tokorozawa city, Saitama Pref, Tokorozawa English Adventure II," how English class at elementary school could be consructed and practiced was introduced.
Educational Communication
Norio Hozaki (Part:Contributor)
Asakura Publishing Company   Oct 2008   
Introducting the fundamental concept of Educational Communication studies by means of the author's specialized areas such as language communication and media commnications studies.
大学の英語教育を変える 第1章「英語コミュニケーション教育をどのように創り上げるか」
Norio Hozaki (Part:Contributor)
玉川大学出版   May 2008   ISBN:978-4-472-40363-7
For English communication to be enhanced, the following three aspects are to be trained and instructed on an individual basis and comphrehensively.
1) Human-related representation,
2) Language-based expressions, and
3) Media (symbol system) -assi...
保崎 則雄
「高等教育とIT」山地、佐賀編 玉川大学出版部   Oct 2003   

Conference Activities & Talks

A hope list of re-evaluating parameters and actual problems to solve in EMI-based "media production studies" class
Norio Hozaki, Haruka Fujishiro, Hannah Sekine, Takae Saito
The 7th International Conference on Foreign Language Education and Technology (FLEAT)   7 Aug 2019   
Introducing of significant and applicable aspects in educational settings in Denmark
Hannah Sekine, Haruka Fujishiro , Norio Hozaki
The 7th International Conference on Foreign Language Education and Technology (FLEAT)   7 Aug 2019   
Analysis of the perspective of Japanese students' peer-evaluation for in-class presentation
Haruka Fujishiro, Yukari Narahara, Norio Hozaki
44th Annual Conference of Improving University Teaching   25 Jul 2019   
Teaching and evaluation of EMI-based media production class
Norio Hozaki & Haruka Fujishiro
The 58th Annual Conference of The Japan Association of LanguageEducation and Technology   Aug 2018   Japan Association of Language Education & Technology
Analysis of summarive class eveluation of the EMI class, Media Production Srtudies, was reported. The interest in the English level changed rather quickly after the class started each year and the most students concentrated on class contents as cl...
Creative recognition through peer learning among other students with a focus on reflective activities in "Media Production" class
Haruka Fujishiro and Norio Hozaki
Mar 2017   
Reflective activities, caused by peer evaluationa and class discussion of the visual products, would generate met-cognitive regognition in class of Media Prouction Studies.


How parents can develop kids' communication skills
Feb 2008

Research Grants & Projects

Comprehensive analysis of blended learning in studetns' BBS comments and grade
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2018
Construction of of an Internet English Learning Community Based on Mutual Learning by Using SNS and Evaluation of Participants' Online Output
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2017
In this research project, firstly, we constructed an “English Learning Community” on the Internet based on participants’ mutual learning by using SNS, which is now one of the major communication tools among young people. Secondly, we analyzed the ...
Practice and evaluation of collaborative activities to make happen and internalize the EFL learners' use of English in sophisticated and authentic situations embedded with actual problems
Project Year: Apr 2012 - Mar 2015
In a class and a workshop of media production and acting, the participants worked individually and collaboratively by PBL(Project-Based Learning) toward actual production. The activities were conducted approximately 70% in English. The participant...
The development of a college-level integrative curriculum of communication education toward faculty development
Project Year: Apr 2011 - Mar 2015
To propose a college-level integrative curriculum of critical and creative communication that expands the scope of basic skills training in interpersonal relations, language, and ICT use, this project applied research in communication studies and ...
Project Year: 2004 - 2005
Based on the analysis of college lecture class and English class at elementary school by using Observational System for Instructional Analysis originally developed by Hough and Duncan, the followings were found. The OSIA analysis, starting with tr...


In this lecture of English Education at a local elementary school in Tokorozawa, the following topics were introduced with several suggestions. 1) How to use appropriately "Eigo Note" published by Min. of Education and Science 2) Effective communication between homeroom teachers and assistannt E. teachers 3) How to bridge between elementary and junior high school in English education