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Kansai University
Faculty of Chemistry, Materials and BioengineeringDepartment of Chemistry and Materials Engineering
Job title
Doctor of Engineering
Research funding number

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2005
19830401-19880331Assistant, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University 19880401-19920331 Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University 19920401-Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University 20050401-Professor, Faculty of Engineerin


Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University
Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Osaka University

Committee Memberships

Councilor;Executive board member

Published Papers

Caesium-Selective PVC Membrane Electrodes Based on Bis(crown ether)s
K.Kimura;TAMURA Hiroshi;T.Shono
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry   105, 335-340    1979
New Bis(crown ether)s Derived from Stereoisomers of Dicarboxylic Acid
K.Kimura;T.Tsuchida;T.Shono;TAMURA Hiroshi
Chemistry Letters   611-612    1979
Tactic Poly(crown ether)s with Pendant Benzocrown Ethers
K.Kimura;TAMURA Hiroshi;T.Maeda;T.Shono
Polymer Bulletin   1. 403-407    1979
Potassium-Selective PVC Membrane Electrodes Based on Bis(and Poly(crown ether)s
K.Kimura;T.Maeda;TAMURA Hiroshi;T.Shono
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry   95, 91-101    1979
Thallium(I)-Selective PVC Membrane Electrodes Based on Bis(crown ether)s
TAMURA Hiroshi;K.Kimura;T.Shono
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry   115, 115-121    1980


Antimicrobial Activity of Chitosan Including Practical Application(Invited)
S.Tokura;TAMURA Hiroshi
World Conference on Magic Bullets, To celebrate Paul Ehrlich’s 150th Birthday   A-140    Sep 2004
Preparation and some properties of hydrogels of chitin and chitosan (Invited)
TAMURA Hiroshi;S.Tokura
A2    Sep 2004
A Mismatch Hybridization of a-Chitin Gel with b-Chitin Gel on the Preparation of Non-woven Fabrics (Invited)
TAMURA Hiroshi;S.Tokura
12th Symposium of Korean Society For Chitin & Chitosan   11    Nov 2003
Destruction of Rigid Crystalline Structure to prepare Chitin Solution
TAMURA Hiroshi;T.Hamaguchi;S.Tokura
9th International Chitin Chitosan Conference   30    Aug 2003
Gelatin fibers and their production process
S. Tokura;H. Tamura;N. Itoh
PCT International Application   20 pp. WO 2005054553    Jun 2005

Books etc

Chitin and Its Derivatives as Biomedicol Materials
S.Tokura;TAMURA Hiroshi;R. H. Chen(Ed);H. C. Chen(Ed) (Part:Joint Work)
Advances in Chitin Science, Vol III, Rita Advertising Co. Ltd (ROC)   1999   
Immunological Aspects of Chitin and Chitin Derivatives Administrated to Animals.
S.Tokura;TAMURA Hiroshi;I.Azuma;P. Jolles(Ed);R. A. A. Muzzarelli(Ed) (Part:Joint Work)
Chitin and Chitinases, Birkhauser Verlarg (Basel/Switerland)   Sep 1999   
Preparation of Inclusion Foams from Chitin and PEG-Chitin for the Drug Derivery System
S.Tokura;TAMURA Hiroshi;T.Dohba;K.Takahashi;N.Sakairi;N.Nishi;M. A. E-Nokaly(Eds.);H. A. Soini(Eds.) (Part:Joint Work)
Polysaccharide Applications-Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, ACS Symposium Series 737   1999   
Analyses of the Second Layer of Peat Swamp
S.Tokura;S.Shimada;TAMURA Hiroshi;H.Takahashi;N.Nishi;T. Iwakura et al(Eds) (Part:Joint Work)
Hokkaido University Press   2000   
Continuous Harvest of Cellulosic Filament During Cultivation of Acetobacter Xylinum
S.Tokura;TAMURA Hiroshi;M.Takai;T.Higuchi;H.Asano;J. F. Kennedy(Ed);G. O. Phillips(Ed);P. A. Williams(Ed);B. Lonnberg(Ed) (Part:Joint Work)
Eds by J. F. Kennedy, G. O. Phillips, P. A. Williams, B. Lonnberg, Cellulosic Pulps, Fibers and Materials, Woodhead Publishing Ltd. (England).   Dec 2000   

Conference Activities & Talks

Progress on 10 years of fungal chitosan research
Sep 2009   
Mass spectrometry analysis of 13C-glucosamine from cell wall of Absidia coerulea.
N. Nwe;T. Furuike;H. Fujimori;H. Kawasaki;R. Arakawa;S. Tokura;W. F. Stevens;H. Tamura
Sep 2009   
Preparation of Alginate Fiber with Antibacterial Properties
Ratana Rujiravanit;Wadcharawadee Noohom;H. Tamura;S. Tokura
15 Sep 2004   
Preparation and characterization of O-Cmchitosan/alginate and N-(carboxyacyl)chitosan/alginate blend fibers
H. Tamura;R. Rujiravanit
5 Aug 2005   
Synthesis and characterization of chitin-g-poly(e-caprolactone) copolymers under homogeneous system
Rangasamy Jayakumar;Tomoya Egawa;H. Tamura
10 Aug 2006   

Research Grants & Projects

Application of Polysaccharides such as chtin, chitosan and cellulose
Application of gelatin as fiber and its composit


WO 2005054553 : Gelatin fibers and their production process