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Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Medical Research Institute Pathophysiology Immunology
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Doctor(Kyoto University)
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Tokyo Medical and Dental University
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2012
Mar 2021
Professor, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences Life Science and Technology Life Science and Technology Immunology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Apr 2012
Dec 2014
Professor, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences Medical and Dental Sciences Bio-Environmental Response Immunology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Apr 2010
Professor, Medical Research Institute Pathophysiology Immunology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Apr 2003
Mar 2010
Director, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Jul 1996
Mar 2003
Professor, Medical Research Institute Pathophysiology Immunology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University


Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Kyoto University
Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University

Awards & Honors

Dec 2018
Significant associations of human SIGLEC10 polymorphisms with susceptibility to Guillain-Barré syndrome, Best Presentation Award (Xuexin, Li), Japanese Society for Immunology
Winner: Xuexin, Li
Oct 2017
Eugen-und-Ilse-Seibold-Preis, Eugen and Ilse Seibold Prize, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Phillip Franz von Siebold Prize, President of Federal Republic of Germany
Winner: Takeshi Tsubata
This research award was donated by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany on the occasion of his state visit to Japan in 1978. It is awarded annually to a Japanese academic for outstanding services to enhancing mutual understanding of cu...

Published Papers

FcμR interacts and cooperates with the B cell receptor to promote B cell survival.
Ouchida. R., Lu. Q., Liu. J., Li. Y., Chu. Y., Tsubata. T. and Wang, J.Y.
J. Immunol.   194 3096-3101   Dec 2014
The Ras GTPase-Activating Protein Rasal3 Supports Survival of Naive T Cells.
Muro R, Nitta T, Okada T, Ideta H, Tsubata T, Suzuki H.
PLoS One.   10 e0119898.-e0119898.   Dec 2014
LAPTM5 promotes lysosomal degradation of intracellular CD3zeta but not of cell surface CD3ζ.
Kawai, Y., Ouchida, R., Yamasaki, S., Dragone, L., Tsubata, T. and Wang, J.-Y.
Immunol. Cell Biol.   92 527-534   Jul 2014
The lysosomal protein LAPTM5 has been shown to negatively regulate cell surface T cell receptor (TCR) expression and T-cell activation by promoting CD3zeta degradation in lysosomes, but the mechanism remains largely unknown. Here we show that LAPT...
Siglecs and B cell regulation. In: Taniguchi N., Endo T., Hart G., Seeberger P., Wong C. (Ed.) Glycoscience: Biology and Medicine
Tsubata, T.
SpringerReference (www.springerreference.com). Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.      Apr 2014
Excess CD40L does not rescue anti-DNA B cells from clonal anergy.
Aslam, M., Kishi, Y. and Tsubata, T.
F1000Res   2 218-218   Jan 2014
CD40L, a member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) ligand family, is overexpressed in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and in lupus mouse models. Previously, we demonstrated that B cells producing pathogenic anti-Sm/RNP antibodies are de...


Inhibitory B cell co-receptors and autoimmune diseases.
Immunol. Med.      2019

Books etc

Takeshi Tsubata, Naoyuki Taniguchi, Tamao Endo, Jun Hirabayashi, Shoko Nishihara, Kenji Kadomatsu, Kazunari Akiyoshi and Kiyoko F Aoki-Kinoshita (Part:Joint Work, Development of Siglec Regulators.)
Springer   Sep 2019   ISBN:9811358559
Lectin Purification and Analysis: Methods and Protocols
Alborzian Deh Sheikh, A., Akatsu, C. and Tsubata, T. (Part:Joint Work, Identification of Siglec Cis-ligands by Proximity Labeling.)
Springer   2019   
Siglec-2 is a key molecule for immune response. In “Experimental Glycoscience, Glycobiology”
Springer.   2008   
Regulation of B cell antigen receptor signaling by CD72. In “Activating and Inhibitory Immunoglobulin-like Receptors”
Sprnger-Verlag Tokyo   2001   
Molecular mechanisms for apoptosis induced by siganling through the B cell antigen receptor.
Int. Rev. Immunol., 20   2001   

Conference Activities & Talks

A mouse model for chronic inflammatory diseases spontaneously develops CD4/CD8 double-positive T cell leukemia/lymphoma. [Invited]
P. A. Koni., Ren, M., Tsubata, T., Khleif, S., Maverakis, E. and Shimoda, M.
The 54th Midwinter Conference of Immunologists at Asilomar.   24 Jan 2015   
CD22-binding synthetic sialosides as a tool to elucidate the role of CD22 cis-ligand and as a novel immunostimulan [Invited]
Matsubara, N., Ishida, H. and Tsubata, T.
Medical Research Institute 40th Anniversary, 13th Surugadai International Symposium & Joint Usage/Research Program of Medical Research Institute International Symposium.   28 Nov 2014   
Role of CD22/Siglec2 and its ligand in B lymphocyte activation. [Invited]
Matsubara, N., Takematsu, H., Ishida, H., Tsubata, T.
Joint annual meeting of SFG &JSCR, Integrating Glycoscience from Biology and Chemistry to Medicine.   16 Nov 2014   
Synthetic sialosides that regulate CD22/Siglec-2, a B lymphocyte membrane molecule activating SH2-containing phosphatases. [Invited]
Matsubara, N., Ishida, H. and Tsubata, T.
11th International Conference on Protein Phosphatase.   12 Nov 2014   
Distinct tolerance mechanisms for anti-DNA and anti-Sm B cells.
Mohammad, A. and Tsubata, T.
Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Immunology   11 Dec 2013   


Tsubata, T., Onodera, T.
The purpose of the present invention is to elucidate a relationship between deregulation of signaling by CD22 and a rapid response of B cells by IgG-BCR and the like, and to provide a method capable of inducing a rapid immune response and defendin...