IWASA Shigeru

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IWASA Shigeru

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Social Sciences, Social Sciences Area


Human Valuable Attitude toward Nature
Global Environmental Disruption and Problem of Value.
Philosophical Reasearches   (1) 35-40   1994
New Marxian Current.
Philosophical Researches   10-15   1998
The Envirnmental Ploblems at the Turn of the Centuries.
Journal of Hubei University   27(3) 107-110   2000
The Confusion and Oppsittion in the Value Concept at the Turning Point of Centuries.
Philosophical Researches   (増刊) 12-16   2000

Books etc

Environmental Thought
Sohu Press   1994   
Dictionary of Hegls Term
Mirai Press   1992   
Modern Society and Material Dialectic
Osaka Keiai Houka Daigaku Press   1993   
Material Dialectic in the Modern Times.
Osaka Keizai Houka Daigaku Press   1989   
Sohu Press   1992   

Research Grants & Projects

Thought of Environmental Conservation
German Idealism
Marx and Marxism
envirnmental ethics
environmental education