CHUMAN Hiroshi

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CHUMAN Hiroshi
The University of Tokushima
Institute of Health Biosciences The University of Tokushima Graduate School, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokushima
Job title
Doctor of Agriculture(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Pharmaceutical Soc. of Japan.  The structure-activity relationship subcommittee.
Chemical Soc. of Japan.  The vice chairman of The Information Chemistry Subcommittee.

Awards & Honors

The Technology Prize from The 28th Japan Chem. Ind. Assoc.
The Achievement Prize from The Pesticide Sci. Soc. of Japan.


Shinji Amari, Masahiro Aizawa, Junwei Zhang, Kaori Fukuzawa, Yuji Mochizuki, Yoshio Iwasawa, Kotoko Nakata, Hiroshi Chuman, Tatsuya Nakano
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling   46(1) 221-230   2005
Zsolt Lepp, Takashi Kinoshita, Hiroshi Chuman
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling   46(1) 158-167   2006
Kazuto Sato, Hiroshi Chuman, Seiichiro Ten-no
J.Phys.Chem.B   109(36) 17290-17295   2005
Xiangli Liu, Hideji Tanaka, Aiko Yamauchi, Bernard Testa, Hiroshi Chuman
J. Chromatogra. A   1091(1-2) 51-59   2005
Zsolt Lepp, Hiroshi Chuman
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry   13 3093-3105   2005

Books etc

Elastic Modulus and Atomic Displacements of Skeleton and Side Groups in Stretching of a Polymer Chain
Computer Aided Innovation of New MaterialsII, North-Holland, Amsterdam   1993   
QSARs and Three Dimensional Shape Studies of Fungicidal Azolylmethyl cyclopentanols (jointly worked)
ACS Symposium Series 606, American Chemical Society   1995   
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Cytochrome P450 14alpha-Demethylase (CYP51) and Interaction of Azole Fungicide Metconazole with CYP51
in ACS Symposium Series No. 892 New Discoveries in Agro-chemicals,American Chemical Society (Washington DC) 2004   2004   

Conference Activities & Talks

Toward Basic Understanding of The Partition Coefficient Log P and Its Applications in QSAR
Fourth International Symposium on Computational Methods in Toxicology and Pharmacology Integrating Internet Resources(CMTPI-2007)   2007   
Link between Traditional QSAR and Molecular Simulation
Asia Hub for e-Drug Discovery Symposium 2007(AHeDD2007)   2007   
Studies on constructing a comprehensive SAR network assisted by chemoinformatics methods
the Joint 3rd Asian Oceanian Human Proteome Organization (AOHUPO) and 4th Structural Biology and Functional Genomics Conference   2006   
Hydrophobicity and its Importance in Drug Discovery and Safety
Seminar in Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea   2006   
Ab initio Fragment Molecular Orbital Method and its Application to Huge Biomolecular Systems
Asia Hub e-Drug Discover (AHeDD) Symposium   2006   


Construction of Platform of Drug Discovery by Grid Technology
2001 - 2004
Human Nutritional Science on Stress Control
2003 - 2007
Construction of Drug Safety Information Community
2003 - 2006
Research and Development of ab initio Fragment MO
2004 - 2009
Translational Research on Functional Foods
2005 - 2006

Research Grants & Projects

Three-Dimensional Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships
Computational Chemical Analysis of Biomolecules
Informational Chemical Analysis of Biomolecules