ARAKI Yukiko

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ARAKI Yukiko
Kanazawa University
Institute of Human and Social Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences, Institute of Human and Social Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy in Literature(Kanazawa University)

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Academic & Professional Experience

-: Kanazawa University 


social, social, Kanazawa University
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kanazawa University
Faculty of Literature, Kanazawa University

Committee Memberships

the japanese Hokuriku Assosiate of psychology  
-: the japanese Hokuriku Assosiate of psychology 

Awards & Honors

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Published Papers

Zhi Zhu, Ryota Miyauchi, Yukiko Araki, Masashi Unoki
Acoustical Science and Technology   39(6) 379-386   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Zhu,Z., Miyauchi,R., Araki,Y. & Unoki,M. 
Acoustical Science and Technology,   39(1) 234-242   2018   [Refereed]
Yukiko ARAKI
健康心理学研究   25 104-113   Aug 2012   [Refereed]
Testing the validity of reformulated learned helplessness theory: do the theoretical classifications of causes for failure match subjects’ perceptions?
ARAKI Yukiko
Studies and Essays: Behavioral Sciences and Philosophy (Kanazawa University)   22 39-48   Mar 2002   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Feasibility of Vocal Emotion Conversion on Modulation Spectrogram for Simulated Cochlear Implants.
Z. Zhu, R. Miyauchi, Y. Araki, and M. Unoki.
The 25th Europian Signal Processing Conference   Aug 2017   
Important role of temporal cues in speaker identification for simulated cochlear implants. ,
Z. Zhu, R. Miyauchi, Y. Araki, and M. Unoki.
1st International Workshop on Challenges in Hearing Assistive Technology   Aug 2017   
The relation between facial feedback and personality traits.
Ono,S., Aoki, S. and Araki,Y.
The 15th of European Congress of Psychology   Jul 2017   
Recognition of vocal emotion in noise-vocoded speech by normal hearing and cochlear implant listeners.
Z. Zhu, R. Miyauchi, Y. Araki, and M. Unoki.
5th Joint Meeting Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan   Dec 2016   
Effects of trait positive emotions on visual attention at global-local cognitive tasks.
ARAKI Yukiko
The 31st International Congress of Psychology   Jul 2016   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on learned helplessness.
defensive pessimism
Project Year: 2002   
Project Year: 2008   
social motivation
Project Year: 2003   

Social Contribution

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