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Yamaguchi University
Fine Chemistry Graduate School of Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering(Engineering) Graduate School of Science and Engineering(Engineering) YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
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Associate Professor
Dr. Eng.(Yamaguchi University), Master(Engineering)(Yamaguchi University)
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Yamaguchi UniversityYamaguchi University
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Mar 2007
Apr 2016
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering(Engineering), YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY


Mar 1977
Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University
Mar 1979
Department of Industrial Chemistry, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Yamaguchi University

Published Papers

Ion-conductive, Thermal and electrochemicalproperties of poly(ethylene carbonate)-Mg electrolytes with glyme solution
A. A. Azia, N. Yoshimoto, L. Yamabuki, Y. Tominaga
Chemistry Letters   47(10) 1258-1261   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Characteristics of the electric dpuble-layer capacitors using organic Electrolyte solutions containing differentalkylammonium cations
Jihae Han, Nobuko Yoshimoto, Yanko M. Todorov, Kenta Fujii, Masayuko Morita
Electrochimica Acta   281 510-516   2018   [Refereed]
Electrochemical Properties of a TetraPEG-based
Jihae Han, Mari Yoshitake, takamasa Sakai, NObuko Yoshimoto, Masayuki Morita, Kenta Fujii
Chemistry Letters   47(7) 906-909   2018   [Refereed]
Solvation-controlled lithium-ion complexes in a nonflammable solvent containing ethylene carbonate: structural and electrochemical aspects
M. Sogawa, H. Kawanoue, Y. M. Todorov, d. Hirayama, H. Mimura, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita, K. Fujii
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics   20(9) 6480-6486   2018   [Refereed]
Structual Study on Magnesium Ion Solvation in Diglyme-Based Electrolytes: IR Spectroscopy and DFT Calculations
K. Fujii, M. Sogawa, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita
Journal of Physical Chemistry B   122(37) 8712-8717   2018   [Refereed]
Defect-free network formation and swelling behavior in ionic liquid-based electrolytes of tetra-arm polymers synthesized using a Michael addition
M. Yoshitake,Y. Kamiyama, K. Nishi, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita T. Sakai, K. Fujii
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics   19(44) 29984-29990   2017   [Refereed]
Ion-solvation structure and battery electrode characteristics of nonflammable organic electrolytes based on tris(trifluoroethyl)phosphate dissolving lithium salts
Y. M. Todorov, K. Fujii, N. Yoshimoto, D. Hirayama, M. Aoki, H. Mimura, M. Morita
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics   19(46) 31085-31093   2017   [Refereed]
Souble Sulfur-based Copolymers Prerared from Elemental Sulfur and Alkenyl Alcohol as Positive Active Material for Lithium-sulfur Batteries
K. Yamabuki,K. Itaoka, T. Shinchi, N. Yoshimoto, K. Ueno, H. sutsumi
Polymer   117 225-230   2017   [Refereed]
Role of Solvent Bulkiness on Litium-Ion Solvation in Fluorinated Alkyl Phosphate-Based Electrolytes: Structural Study for Desibning Nonflammable Lithium-ion Batteries
M. Sogawa, Y. M. Todorov, D. Hirayama, H. Mimura, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita, K. Fujii
Journal of Physical Chemistry C   121(35) 19112-19119   2017   [Refereed]
Solvation of Magnesium Ion inTriglyme-Based Solutions [[Erratum todocument cited in CA163:323689
T. Kimura, K. Fujii, Y. Sato, M. Morita, N. Yoshimoto
Journal of Physical Chemistry C   120(5) 3085   2016   [Refereed]
N. Yoshimoto, K. Hotta, M. Egashira, M. Morita
Electrochemistry   80(10) 774-776   Oct 2012   [Refereed]
T. Kakibe, J.-y. Hishii, N. Yoshimoto, M. Egashira, M. Morita
Journal of Power Sources   203 195-200   2012   [Refereed]
N. Yosimoto, M. Matsumoto, M. Egashira, M. Morita
Journal of Power Sources   195(7) 2096-2098   Oct 2010   [Refereed]
T. Kakibe, N. Yoshimoto, M. Egashira, M. Morita
Electrochemistry Communications   12(11) 1630-1633   2010   [Refereed]
J. Power Sources   Vol. 146, No. 1-2. pp. 195-198    2005
Conductance Behavior of Polymeric Ion-gel Containing Magnesium Salt
Electrochemistry   Vol. 73, No. 8, pp. 579-581    2005
Cycleability Enhancement of Li Metal Anode by Primary Charge with Electrolyte Additives(共著)
Electrochemistry   71(12),pp. 1046-1048    2003
Polymeric Gel Electrolyte Based on P(VdF-HFP) for Polyacene Anode(共著)
Electrochemistry   71(12),pp. 1049-1051    2003
Nonflammable Organic Electrolyte Solution Based on Perfluoro-ether Solvent for Lithium Ion Batteries(共著)
Electrochemistry   71(12),pp. 1067-1069    2003
Electrochemical Behavior of Al in Organic Solutions Containing Different Lithium Salts(共著)
┣DBProceedings of the 4th Japan-Korea Joint Seminar on Advanced Batteries(/)-┫DB   70-75   2001
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters   4(11),A177-179    2001
Polymeric Composites Based on Poly(ethylene oxide)-grafted Polymethacrylates Containing Lithium Salts with Ceramic Fillers(共著)
Proceedings of the 3rd France-Japan Joint Seminar on Lithium Batteries   (11)    2000
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Pulsed Electrodeposition of Dy-Fe(共著)
J. Alloys and Compounds   193 23-25   1993
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Design of Electrolyte for Rechaargeable Magnesium Battery Development (jointly worked)
Nobuko Yoshimoto and Masayuki Morita
80(2) 104-108   Feb 2012

Conference Activities & Talks

Pseudo-capcitive behavior of polymerized aminoanthraquinone on porous carbon
T. Hashimoto, K. Yamabuki, M. Morita, K. Fujii, N. Yoshimoto
The 12th SPSJ International Polymer Conference   7 Dec 2018   
Novel Polymeric Gel Electrolyte Consisting of Netwrok Polymer Using Tri-functional Glycerol Ester For Li-ion Batteries
Nobuko Yoshimoto, Kazuhiro Yamabuki, Daisuke Teranaka, Kenta fujii, Masayuki Morita
69th Annual Meeting of The International Society of ELectrochemistry   4 Sep 2018   
Nonflammable Gel Electrolyte with Tetra-armed Polymer Network for Li-ion Batteries
Nobuko Yoshimoto, Taisuke Hazama Kenta Fujii Yanko Todorov, Masahiro Aoki, Hideyuki Mimura, Masayuki Morita
67th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry   22 Aug 2018   
Homogeneous TetraPEGNetwork Synthesized Using a Micheal Addition Reaction in Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
The 16th International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes   25 Jun 2018   
Development of Rotaxane Gel Electrolyte for Magnesium-sulfur Battery
Kazuhiro Yamabuki, Nobuko Yoshimoto
The 16th International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes   25 Jun 2018   
TetraPEG Gel Electrolyte Containing a Nonflammable Fluorinated Alkyl Phosphate for Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries
Jihae Haan, Mari Yoshitake, Nobuko Yoshimoto, Masayuki MOrita, Kenta Fujii
The 16th International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes   25 Jun 2018   
Electrochemical Behavior of Mg Alloy in Organic Solution Containing Magnesium Bis(trifluoroethanesulfonyl)amide
Nobuko Yoshimoto, Kazuhiro Yamabuki,Futoshi Kido, Toshiharu Matsumoto, Masayuki MOrita
The 19th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries   19 Jun 2018   
Pseudo-Capacitance of Iron(III) Oxyhydroxides Deposited on Carbon Nanotube in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions [Invited]
M. Akizawa, N. Yoshimoto, K. Fujii, M. Morita
ACEPS-9   22 Aug 2017   
Long-Range Ordering Structures of Li-ion Complexes in Salt-Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions [Invited]
K. Fujii, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita
ACEPS-9   22 Aug 2017   
Li2MnGeO4 as a Novel Positive Electrode Material for High-voltage Li-ion Batteries
S. Kato, M. Morita, K. Fujii, N. Yoshimoto
ACEPS-9   20 Aug 2017   
Structural and Electrochemical Properties of Li ion Solvation Complexes_in the Nonflammable Electrolytes Using a Fluorinated Alkylphosphate Solvent
M. Sogawa, Y. Todorov, D. Hirayama, H. Mimura, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita, K. Fujii
ACEPS-9   20 Aug 2017   
M. Yoshitake, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita, K. Fujii
ACEPS-9   20 Aug 2017   
High-voltage Capacitor Behavior of Carbon Electrode in Organic Electrolyte Solutions
J. Han, N. Yoshimoto, K. Fujii, M. Morita
ACEPS-9   20 Aug 2017   
Electrochemical Behavior of Mg-Bi Alloy in Organic Solution Containing Magnesium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)amide
N. Yoshimoto, K. Fujii, M. Morita
ACEPS-9   20 Aug 2017   
Polymeric Gel Electrolytes Based on a Novel Triply Branched Network Polymer for Rechargeable Batteries [Invited]
N. Yoshimoto, K. Yamabuki, S. Okamura S. Tanji, K. Fujii, M. Morita
21st International Conference of Solid State Ionics   20 Jun 2017   
Polymeric Gel Electrolyte Consisting of Network Polymer Using Tri-Functional Glycerol Ester for Li-Ion Batteries
S. Tanji, K. Yamabuki, K. Fujii, M. Morita, N. Yoshimoto
Pacific Rim Meeting on Electrochemical and Solid-State Science (PRiME 2016)   5 Oct 2016   
Structural Aspect on Ion Solvation in Ionic Liquid-Based Electrolyte Solutions for Electrochemical Devices
Kenta Fujii, Nobuko Yoshimoto, Masayuki Morita
Pacific Rim Meeting on Electrochemical and Solid-State Science (PRiME 2016)   4 Oct 2016   
Structure and Properties of Electrolyte Solutions Based on Fluorinated Alkylphosphates As Nonflammable Solvents for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Y. Todorov, K. Fujii , M. Aoki, H. Mimura, N. Yoshimoto, M. Morita
Pacific Rim Meeting on Electrochemical and Solid-State Science (PRiME 2016)   3 Oct 2016   

Teaching Experience