NAKAMURA Takatoshi

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NAKAMURA Takatoshi

Published Papers

Nakamura, T. and Nakamura, M.
Oecologia   182 667-678   2016   [Refereed]
Oxygen use in roots is an important aspect of wetland plant ecophysiology, and it depends on the respiratory costs of three major processes: ion uptake, root growth, and root maintenance. However, O2 allocation in wetland plants has received littl...
T. Nakamura, S. Uemura, K. Yabe and H. Yamada
Plant and soil   369 365-375   2013   [Refereed]
Aims Rapid forest expansion as a result of anthropogenic activities has been observed in many mires. However, it is unclear which environmental factors are driving this expansion because there have been no systematic investigations into mire-speci...
Nakamura, M., Nakamura, T.*, Tsuchiya, T. & Noguchi, K.
Physiologia Plantarum   147 135-146   2013   [Refereed]
We evaluated the specific strategies of hydrophytes for root O2 consumption in relation to N acquisition and investigated whether the strategies varied depending on the aeration capacity. Aeration capacity of roots is an important factor for deter...
Nakamura, T. and Nakamura, M.
Oecologia   168 913-921   2012   [Refereed]
Although the productivity and nitrogen (N)-use traits of mire plants differ dramatically between fens and bogs, soil N richness does not necessarily differ, whereas the soil-water pH is distinctly lower in bogs than in fens. The ecophysiological m...
Takatoshi Nakamura, Kazuo Yabe, Takeshi Matsubara and Mitsuru Osaki
TROPICS   21 119-126   2012   [Refereed]
Understanding the variations in the natural abundance of a nitrogen isotope ratio (δ15N) within a plant can help determine the reliability of using a plant parts’ δ15N as an indicator of δ15N in the entire plant. However, little is known about pat...


「Variation in nitrogen isotope ratio and nitrogen concentration within foliage of a tropical broadleaf evergreen tree in relation to leaf position and habitat」
T. Nakamura, K. Yabe, T. Matsubara and M. Osaki
平成17年度平成19年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(B))研究成果報告書      Jun 2008
δ15N variations within foliage and relating ecophysiological factors in tropical evergreen tree, Combretocarpus rotundatus, were studied focusing on leaf positions, leaf nitrogen status and habitats.
In Mud swamp and Peat swamp, the three leaves ...
「Variation in leaf δ15N of Combretocarpus rotundatus in tropical wetland」
Matsubara, K., Yabe, K., Hashidoko, Y., Swuido, H. L. & Osaki, M.、中村 隆俊
Annual report in JSPS-LIPI CORE UNIVERSITY PROGRAM      Mar 2003
インドネシアカリマンタン中央部に広がる氾濫源湿原に生育する常緑木本植物Combretocarpus rotundatusを対象に、葉の窒素濃度及びδ15Nについて土壌環境・着葉位置との関係から調査・解析を行った。葉の窒素濃度とδ15Nには強い正の相関があり、先端に位置する葉ほどδ15Nが高くなる傾向が認められた。A4版、17pp.
A Guide Book of Post-Symposium Excursion in Japan
Kazue Fujiwara・Elgene O. Box 編、中村 隆俊
International Association for Vegetation Science      Aug 2000
担当部分:第2章Yufutsu Lowland Mire in central Hokkaido.2000年度国際植生学会(IAVS)が発行したエクスカーションガイドブックの一部として、担当案内地域である苫小牧勇払湿原について、北海道の湿原群からみたその生態的位置づけや植生を紹介した。 A4版、218pp.

Conference Activities & Talks

Effects of Levee Construction on Hydro-chemical Conditions in the Kushiro Mire, Northern Japan
Hiroyuki Yamada, Teppei Kawaguchi, Takatoshi Nakamura, Kazuo Yabe
American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2008 Fall Meeting   2007   
Oxidation-reduction potentials of tropical peat as a factor controlling the distribution of forest communities in wetland of central Kalimantan
International Symposium on Land Management and Biodiversity in Southeast Asia (於インドネシア バリホテル)   2002   
Bacteria in Pioneer Grass Communities Formed on Nutrient-poor, Strongly Acidic Soils in Tropical Regions
Y. Hashidoko, K. Tsuda & M. Osaki 他2名、中村隆俊
Proceedings of the 3ed. World Congress on Allelopathy, International Allelopathy Society (於研究交流センター)   2002   
インドネシアカリマンタン中央部の泥炭採掘跡地に出現したカヤツリグサ科草本と木本植物であるCombretocarpus rotundatusの根面微生物相の違いから、植生遷移の方向性を検討した。