ITO Shin

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ITO Shin
Akita Prefectural University
Faculty of Systems Science and Technology, Department of Machine Intelligence and Systems Engineering
Job title
Doctor of Philosophy(Engineering)(Tohoku University)

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

GRC Best Paper Award, In recognition of quality of content and presentation at the EGS Theoretical Studies Session, GRC 2002 Annual Meeting Reno, Nevada USA


Effect of Interfacial Stiffness Along the Crack surfaces on the Dynamics of an Anti-Plane-Shear Crack in the Earth's Crust(共著)
Progress in Acoustic Emission VII, The Japanese Society for NDI   482-492   1994
Dynamic Responses of a Fluid-Filled Geothermal Reservoir Crack-Effect of the Aspect Ratio of the Reservoir Crack-(共著)
Progress in Acoustic Emission VIII, The Japanese Society for NDI   104-109   1996
Effect of Fluid Viscosity, Permeability of Rock and Crack Interfacial Stiffness on Dynamic Response of a Penny Shaped Grothermal Reservoir Crack -Further Details-(共著)
Geothermal Resources Council Transatctions   22 203-209   1998
Fracture Characterization from Microseismic Events at Hijiori and Ogachi Fields in Japan(共著)
Geothermal Resources Council Transactions   23 265-270   1999
Effect of Fluid Leakage at Crack Tip on Dynamics of Fluid-Filled Crack(共著)
Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2000   3749-3754   2000

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Research Grants & Projects

Dynamics of Geothermal Reservior Crack
Fracture Characterization