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Nagoya Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering Omohi College
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Ph.D (University of Cambridge)(University of Cambridge)
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Mar 1984
Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Dec 1996
Information Engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Committee Memberships

Aug 2010
Springer  International Journal of Computer Vision Associate Editor

Awards & Honors

Apr 1994
Best Science Paper Prize
Winner: Jun Sato, Roberto Cipolla
Apr 2000
Best Paper Prize, Image Sensing Symposium
Winner: Takeharu Sato, Jun Sato
Jul 2007
Special Session Prize
Winner: Chang Wan, Jun Sato
Aug 2012
MIRU Frontier Prize
Winner: Yumi Kakumu, Fumihiko Sakaue, Jun Sato, Kazuhisa Ishimaru, Masayuki Imanishi
Aug 2016
MIRU Interactive Presentation Prize
Winner: Megumi Hori, Fumihiko Sakaue, Jun Sato

Published Papers

Incremental Reconstruction of a Scene Model for Mobile Robots from a Sequence of Monocular Images
T. Tsukiyama and J. sato
Proc. International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems   665-670   Oct 1988   [Refereed]
Recovery of Textured Surfaces by Region-, Line-, and Point-Based Stereo
J. Sato and F. Tomita
Proc. 7th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis   2 636-643   Aug 1991   [Refereed]
Extracting the Affine Transformation from Texture Moments
J. Sato and R. Cipolla
Proc. 3rd European Conference on Computer Vision   2 165-172   Apr 1994   [Refereed]
Image Registration Using Multi-Scale Texture Moments
J. Sato and R. Cipolla
Proc. 5th British Machine Vision Conference   2 95-104   Sep 1994   [Refereed]
Autonomous Vehicle Control System using an Image Processing Sensor
T. Kakinami, J. Sato, M. Saiki and K. Soshi
Proc. IVHS and Advanced Transportation Systems   950470   Feb 1995   [Refereed]

Books etc

Shape, Contour and Grouping in Computer Vision
Jun Sato and Roberto Cipolla (Part:Joint Work)
Springer-Verlag   Apr 1999   
Jun Sato
Nov 2017   ISBN:978-4-627-81101-0

Conference Activities & Talks

Extracting the Affine Transformation from Texture Moments
J. Sato and R. Cipolla
European Conference on Computer Vision   May 1994   European Conference on Computer Vision
Image Registration Using Multi-Scale Texture Moments
J. Sato and R. Cipolla
British Machine Vision Conference   Sep 1994   British Machine Vision Association
Evolution of Texture Moments under Affine Invariant Scale-Space
J. Sato and R. Cipolla
Asian Conference on Computer Vision   Dec 1995   Asian Federation of Computer Vision
Affine Integral Invariants and Matching of Curves
J. Sato and R. Cipolla
International Conference on Pattern Recognition   Aug 1996   International Association for Pattern Recognition
Obstacle Detection from Image Divergence and Deformation
J. Sato and R. Cipolla
Intelligent Vehicles Symposium   Sep 1996   IEEE

Association Memberships


Research Grants & Projects

Visual Navigation
Project Year: Apr 1998 - Mar 2002
Visual Geometory and Geometotric Invariants
Project Year: Apr 1998 - Mar 2004
Visual User Interface
Project Year: Apr 1998 - Mar 2006
Multiple View Geometry
Project Year: Apr 2000 - Mar 2014


US 9626765 B2 : Position Detecting Device Detecting a Position of Target Object and A Position Detection Program
K. Ishimaru, M. Imanishi, J. Sato
US10054421 B2 : Apparatus for Measuring Three-Dimensional Position of Target Object
K. Ishimaru, N. Shirai, J. Sato, F. Sakaue