OCHI Nobuaki

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OCHI Nobuaki
Toyo University
Faculty of Business Administration
Job title
Associate Professor
(BLANK), Doctor (Science)(Okayama University), Master (Science)(Okayama University)
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Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of National Science and Technology, Okayama University
Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Okayama University
Faculty of Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Published Papers

Activities for Raising Public Awareness of Light Pollution in Japan
OCHI Nobuaki
Proceedings of the 9th Lighting Conference of China, Japan and Korea   33-36   Aug 2016   [Invited]
An Environmental Education Program for Elementary School Students Using Various Aspects of Light Pollution (Part II: Effects on Ecosystem)
OCHI Nobuaki
Journal of Toyo University Natural Science   60 1-20   Mar 2016
Worldwide variations in artificial skyglow
Christopher C. M. Kyba, Kai Pong Tong, Jonathan Bennie, Ignacio Birriel, Jennifer J. Birriel, Andrew Cool, Arne Danielsen, Thomas W. Davies, Peter N. den Outer, William Edwards, Rainer Ehlert, Fabio Falchi, Jürgen Fischer, Andrea Giacomelli, Francesco Giubbilini, Marty Haaima, Claudia Hesse, Georg Heygster, Franz Hölker, Richard Inger, Linsey J. Jensen, Helga U. Kuechly, John Kuehn, Phil Langill, Dorien E. Lolkema, Matthew Nagy, Miguel Nievas, Nobuaki Ochi, Emil Popow, Thomas Posch, Johannes Puschnig, Thomas Ruhtz, Wim Schmidt, Robert Schwarz, Axel Schwope, Henk Spoelstra, Anthony Tekatch, Mark Trueblood, Constance E. Walker, Michael Weber, Douglas L. Welch, Jaime Zamorano & Kevin J. Gaston
Scientific Reports   5(8409) 1-6   Feb 2015   [Refereed]


Light Pollution in Japan
OCHI Nobuaki
408-413   Apr 2016   [Invited]
A halo event observed with an emulsion chamber and air shower array at Mt. Chacaltaya (jointly worked)
Journal of Physics G : Nuclear and Particle Physics   30 137-155   2004
Search for large-scale coincidences in network observation of cosmic ray air showers (jointly worked)
Journal of Physics G : Nuclear and Particles Physics   29 1169-1180   2003
Chaos in different far-off cosmic rays : a fractal wave model (jointly worked)
Journal of Physics G : Nuclear and Particles Physics   29 2065-2077   2003
Network observation of air showers as cosmic ray interferometer
Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.)   122, 337-340    2003

Conference Activities & Talks

Forming the first dark-sky park in Japan
OCHI Nobuaki
European Dark Skies Conference   20 Sep 2017   
Activities for Raising Public Awareness of Light Pollution in Japan [Invited]
OCHI Nobuaki
The 9th Lighting Conference of China, Japan and Korea   19 Aug 2016   
An environmental education program for elementary school students using various aspects of light pollution
Nobuaki Ochi
2nd Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) Conference   4 Sep 2014