SHICHIJO Tatsuhiro

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SHICHIJO Tatsuhiro
Osaka Prefecture University
School of Economics Department of Economics
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associate Professor

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Graduate School, Division of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

Published Papers

A dynamic game analysis of Internet services with network externalities
Theory and Decision
   2019   [Refereed]
Takao Kusakawa, Kazuhito Ogawa, Tatsuhiro Shichijo
Economics Letters   117 704-707   Jan 2012   [Refereed]
We experimentally study the effect of a third-person enforcement on a one-shot prisoner's dilemma game played by two persons, with whom the third person plays repeated prisoner's dilemma games. We find that when the third person can observe these ...
Fractal Structure of Small World in a Friendship Network
Masaki Tomochi, Atsushi Tanaka, Tatsuhiro Shichijo
8(1) 29-36   2012
Masaki Iimura, Tatsuhiro Shichijo, Toru Hokari
Economics Bulletin   30 650-657   Jun 2010   [Refereed]
Goyal and Joshi (2006, Int Econ Review) apply the notion of "pairwise stable networks" introduced by Jackson and Wolinsky (1996, J Econ Theory) to a model of free trade network formation, and show that (i) every pairwise stable network is either c...
Tatsuhiro Shichijo, Yuji Nakayama
B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics   9(4)    Jan 2009   [Refereed]
Many goods have network externalities. When the number of agents possessing such goods is small, the agents may not gain sufficient utility from the goods. Agents then have an incentive to delay their purchasing decisions. Such delays have negativ...
SHICHIJO Tatsuhiro
Sociological theory and methods   22(1) 87-103   Apr 2007   [Refereed]
There are a lot of literatures about Prisoner's dilemma game, because the game is a simple model to describe social dilemma situation. As many literatures conclude, if there is long-term relationship among players, then they can cooperate in the P...
Shichijo Tatsuhiro, Nishimoto Mayumi
Sociological theory and methods   18(2) 229-236   2003   [Refereed]
     The birth rate has been rapidly declining for decades. In “Population Projection for Japan:2001-2050”, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research recognizes that marital fertility de...
Shichijo Tatsuhiro
Sociological theory and methods   18(2) 169-183   2003   [Refereed]
     There exists three categories in evolutionary game theory, evolutionary game theory of biology, that of economics, and that of cultural evolution. Evolutionary game theory of cultural evolution derives from evolutiona...
Tatsuhiro Shichijo, Yasuto Nakano
Journal of Mathematical Sociology   26: 57-69 57-69   Jan 2002   [Refereed]
This article intends to clarify properties of learning models in simulation studies and to conduct a comparison of preceding learning models. Learning models are often used in many simulation studies, but there is no uniform rule of learning: We i...
Shichijo Tatsuhiro
The journal of economic studies   44(3) 47-56   Jun 1999
Shichijo Tatsuhiro, Nakano Yasuto
Sociological theory and methods   14(2) 89-101   1999   [Refereed]
     This article intends to clarify properties of learning models in simulation studies and to review existing learning models. Learning models are often used in many simulation studies, but there is no uniform rule of le...
Shichijo Tatsuhiro
Sociological theory and methods   13(1) 75-91   1998   [Refereed]
     Weibull (1995) made a new type of transmission model as an imitation model of the evolutionary game theory. His model, unlike previous models, can describe the state in which two cultural elements coexist. Moreover, s...


Equilibrium Selection in Monetary Search Models:An Experimental Approach
Kazuya Kamiya, Hajime Kobayashi, Tatsuhiro Shichijo, Takashi Shimizu
DP2017-03 Discussion paper series RIEB Kobe University      Mar 2017
Equal cost sharing for the good with network externalities
Tatsuhiro Shichijo, Emiko Fukuda
Discussion Paper New Series No.2016-5      May 2016
Experiments on Repeated Games with Infrequent monitoring
Kobyashi, Hajime, SHICHIJO, Tatsuhiro KANO, Shigeki OHTA, Katsunori SAIJO, Tatsuyoshi YAMAKAWA, Takafumi
Working Paper Series, Kansai University F-77      2016
A deposit-refund scheme for the diffusion of goods with network externalities
working paper
Tatsuhiro SHICHIJO, Takao KUSAKAWA, Takehito Masuda, Emiko Fukuda, Tatsuyoshi SAIJO      2015
Default or Reactance? Identity Priming Effects on Overconfidence in Germany and Japan
working paper      2015
Third person enforcement
Tatsuhiro Shichijo
working paper      2012
A Micro-Macro Linkage from Protestantism to Capitalism --Heterogeneous Preferences in Weber's Argument----
「フォーマライゼーションによる社会学的伝統の継承と刷新」科学研究費補助金研究成果報告書   p3-p15    2002
The Effect of Husband's Commuting and Working Time on Fertility-Empirical Evidence from the Panel Survey on Consmers
Journal of Economics, Business and Law   3 25-39   2001
Spatial Smoothing via a Resampling Method:Estimation with Area-based Panel Data
Atsushi Yoshida, Tatsuhiro Shichijo
mimeo      2000
Shichijo Tatsuhiro
Sociological theory and methods   13(2) 246-250   1999
Theories, Experiments and Practices of Auctions : A Review of Artscles
The Journal of Economic studies   44(3) 47-56   1999
An Indirect Evolutionary Approach with Unobservable Preference
SHICHIJO Tatsuhiro
Designing a Mechanism to Cope with Coordination Failure in the Goods with Network Externalities: An Experimental Study
Tatsuhiro SHICHIJO,Kenju AKAI, Takao KUSAKAWA,Tatsuyoshi SAIJO

Conference Activities & Talks

Equilibrium Selection in Dynamic Auction Markets with Fiat Money: An Experimental Approach
KAMIYA Kazuya, KOBAYASHI Hajime, SHICHIJO Tatsuhiro, SHIMIZU Takashi
ESA World Meeting 2019   Jun 2019   

Research Grants & Projects

Mathematical analysis of auction