Yoshiaki OOIDA

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Yoshiaki OOIDA
Tokyo Gakugei University
Faculty of Education, Japanese Language and Japanese Literature

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Azabu High School, Teacher


The Romance and Its Destination  ―On Itsuki Hiroyuki's novel : The Gate of Youth
Asian Culture   (31) 73-81   May 2014
「Aru『Kokuranitki』den」and Logic of the strong ――As a starting point the model of how to hadle
「Matsumoto Seicho research」No.14   (14) 67-75   Mar 2013
Ushimatsu and his occupation - an essay on “Hakai”-
Kashiigata No.56・57   (56・57) 15-25   Mar 2012
Haruki Murakami’s return and escape-from “The strange story in a library”to“The Strange library”
The study of Modern literature’s history   (15) 55-63   Dec 2010
Who is Bensin?―Essay of Daibosatsu pass by Nakazato kaizan―
(9) 45-57   Dec 2009

Books etc

Non-qualifier as a teacher Soseki Natsumek❜s collection of educational essays
A publisher of Tokyo Gakugei University   Apr 2017   ISBN:978-4-901665-49-0
Collection of essays Ichiyo Higuti V
Ouhu (Tkyo)   Mar 2017   ISBN:978-4-273-03803-8
The mind and language of literature
Shitigatudo(Tokyo)   Dec 2010   ISBN:978-4-87944-166-9
Ichiyo in “Bungakukai”―“Ootsugomori” and ‘Chivalry’―
Essays of Higuchi Ichiyo Ⅲ   Mar 2002   
Nakagami Kenji's"Hosenka" - on 'Confort'
Collection of essays Heart and language of literature   2000   

Conference Activities & Talks

The days when some teachers of Japanese become novelists
Nov 2015   
The phase of realism in Japanese modern literature ―by way of examples of Toson and Katai―
Aug 2005   
I /society/you―Poetry of “Houraikyoku”
Composition of sorrow―Reading of Seicho’s women―


Book review ❝The rise to poor from richーThought and literature of Takeo Arishima❞
Book review  Iwasa Soushiro ❛Literary criticism and aesthetics theory of Shimamura Hougetsu❜
Novelist and Work guide Uchida Hyakken「kudan」
A book review about “A generation of ‘A hill ringing a bell’and America―ruins・occupation・literature after the war”
Book review Three copies by ISHIHARA Tiaki