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Yokohama National University
Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences Division of Artificial Environment and Information
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Yokohama National University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2011
Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University
Apr 2002
Mar 2011
Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Yokohama National University
Apr 2001
Visiting researcher, RIKEN
Apr 2001
Mar 2002
Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Apr 1994
Apr 1997
Development of Liquid Crystal Displays, SHARP Corporation


Mar 2001
Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Yokohama National University
Mar 1994
Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University
Mar 1992
Faculty of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University

Published Papers

Takaya Minami, Hiroyasu Sato, Shinya Matsumoto
CrystEngComm   20(19) 2644–2647   May 2018   [Refereed]
Tomoya Hayashi, Yuki Ohishi, Hee-Soo So, Hajime Abe, Shinya Matsumoto, Masahiko Inouye
The Journal of Organic Chemistry   83(15) 8724−8730   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Two polymorphs of 2,5-bis(dibenzylamino)-3,6-dichloro-p-hydroquinone with flexible dibenzylamino groups
In-Sub Shin, Yuta Shimada, Emi Horiguchi-Babamoto, Shinya Matsumoto
Acta Crystallographica Section C   C74 437–441   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Simultaneous edge-on to face-on reorientation and 1D alignment of small pai-conjugated molecules using room temperature rubbing
Jean-Charles Ribierre, Toshihiko Tanaka, Li Zhao, Yuki Yokota, Shinya Matsumoto, Daisuke Hashizume, Kazuto Takaishi, Tsuyoshi Muto, Benoît Heinrich, Stéphane Méry, Fabrice Mathevet, Toshinori Matsushima, Masanobu Uchiyama, Chihaya Adachi, Tetsuya Aoyama
Advanced Functional Materials   1707038-1-12   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Hajime Abe, Daisuke Hashikawa, Takaya Minami, Kohei Ohtani, Kentaro Masuda, Shinya Matsumoto, and Masahiko Inouye
The Journal of Organic Chemistry   83 3132-3141   Mar 2018   [Refereed]


Syntheses and properties of non-planar dicyanodiazepine fluorescent dyes
Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material   79(12) 545-554   Dec 2006
J-aggregates of a bisazomethine dye in vacuum-deposited films
Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material   79(11) 203-510   Nov 2006

Books etc

Nanotechnology toward the organic photonics
Ken Matsuoka,Tatsuo Wada (Part:Joint Work)
Gootech Ltd.   2001   

Conference Activities & Talks

"Analysis by quantum chemical calculations on ambipolar organic thin film transistors", "Control of Molecular Alignment and Transport Properties of Bisazomethine Dye Thin-Film Transistors"
International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials 2013   Dec 2013   
Interpretation of crystal structure in two series of bisazomethine dyes
AsCA   Dec 2013   
A program for environmental education based on industrial products from a life cycle perspective
IUMRS-ICAM   24 Sep 2013   
"Photo-induced elimination of the benzyl groups of 2,5-bis(dibenzylamino)-3,6-dichloro-p-benzoquinone", "Synthesis and optical properties of novel bisazomethine dyes having dipropylamino and dibutylamino groups"
6th East Asis Symposium on Functional dyes   Sep 2013   
Jean-Charles Ribierre, Carrier transport properties and quantum chemical calculations in ambipolar organic thin film transistors
E-MRS 2013 Spring Meeting   May 2013   


Jul 2007
Development of bisazomethine fluorescent dyes for a high-performance solid emitter
Apr 2005
Study on anistropic vaccum-deposited films of pyrazine dyes
Jan 2005
Elucidation of the strutcure of dye aggregates in metachromasy
Study on fluorescence quenching of organic fluorescent dyes in the solid state
Study on crystalline molecular thin films forming J-aggregates and the application to photoelectric energy conversion