AKIYAMA Masanori

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AKIYAMA Masanori
Nagoya University
School of Letters

Research Interests


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Graduate School, Division of Letters, Nagoya University


Rethinking about the riparian work history in the Kiso 3 rivers basin
Annals of Nagoya University Library Studies   1    2003
River improvement works of the Takagi family,"Hatamoto-kohtaiyoriai",with the emphasis on the struggling against the head of Kasamatsu government office,"Mino-gundai".
Bulletin of the Nagoya University Museum   (16) 107-117   2001
The incident on a shrine administration of the Toki area in 1815.
Bulletin of the Nagoya University Furukawa Museum   (15)    1999
Some aspects of Ise-houbei-sanko by Matsugi Family
Bulletin of the Nagoya University Furukawa Museum   (12)    1996
A change of the mourning system in the Court
Bulletin of the Nagoya University Furukawa Museum   (9)    1993

Research Grants & Projects

Religion and local society in early modern japan
Political culture of courtesy
Archive science of early madern Japan
Community and natural disaster