OGAWA Atsushi

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OGAWA Atsushi
Akita Prefectural University
Faculty of Bioresource Sciences


Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Nagoya University
Faculty of Agriculture, Nagoya University

Published Papers

小峰正史, 矢作康, 中村進一, 高木理恵, 原光二郎, 野下浩二, 曽根千晴, 恭. 豊福, 鎌田貴浩, 木村健, 水野大子, 石川陽子, 小川敦史
秋田県立大学ウェブジャーナルB(研究成果部門)   5 51-58   2018
根の研究   27(3) 67-76   2018
An Image Analysis Method for Lettuce Leaf and Root Growth Analysis in Hydroponic Culture
T. Okamoto, Y. Sakane, T. Koide, Atsushi Ogawa, M. Komine, C. Sone, Y. Kaneta, Y. Yaji, K. Toyofuku, K. Kimura, T. Kamata, Y. Ishikawa, T. Kasama, W. Bula, Y. Endo and R. Miyake
Proceedings of the IEEE Region 10 Conference 2018 (TENCON2018)      2018
OsPIN2, which encodes a member of the auxin efflux carrier proteins, is involved in root-elongation growth and lateral root-formation patterns via the regulation of auxin distribution in rice
H. Inahashi, I. J. Shelley, T. Yamaiuchi, S. Nishiuchi, M. Takahashi-Nosaka, M. Matsunami, A. Ogawa, Y. Noda and Y. Inukai
Physiologia Plantarum   164(2) 216-225   2018
Analysis of the rrl3 mutants reveals the importance of arginine biosynthesis in the maintenance of root apical meristem in rice
I. J. Shelley, S. Watanabe, H. Ozaki, N. Nagasawa, A. Ogawa, M. Takahashi-Nosaka, S. Nishiuchi, A. Yamauchi, H. Kitano and Y. Inukai
Journal of Plant Studies   7(1) 36-46   2018


Osmetic adjustment and the functions in root.
Root Research   5(2) 18-22   1996
The physiological meanings of osmotic adjustment in crop root system
Relatinship between Seam diameter fluctuation and leaf water poteneral indused of water status in plants.
(119) 15-16   1995
Relationship between leaf water potential and stem diameter change depend upon plant water Status.
Japaniese Joarnal of Crop Scince   57(別1) 186-187   1995
Root osmotic potential as affected by soil drying in cotton.
Japanese Joarnal of Crop Science   64(別2) 101-102   1995

Books etc

Potassium - Improvement of Quality in Fruits and Vegetables Through Hydroponic Nutrient Management
A. Ogawa (Part:Contributor, Cultivation methods for leafy vegetables and tomatoes with low potassium content for dialysis patients and the change of those quality)
InTechOpen   2018   ISBN:978-953-51-5692-5
稲の生長を支える根 −地上部の生長の良否は根のそれによって規定される−
川島長治, 小川敦史 (Part:Joint Work)
冨士印刷   2018   ISBN:978−4−9910036−0−8
小川敦史 (Part:Contributor, アマ)
朝倉書店   2017   
小川敦史 (Part:Contributor, 葉菜及び果菜での低カリウム含有量化)
情報機構   2016   
小川敦史 (Part:Contributor, 養液の調整・管理による植物工場野菜への機能性の付与 〜経営戦略・設備管理・栽培技術・高付加価値化・マーケティング〜)
情報機構   2014   

Research Grants & Projects

The physiological meanings of osmotic adjustment in crop root system.