NAKAI Takashi

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NAKAI Takashi
Nara University of Education
Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Education School of Professional Development for Education
Job title
Associate Professor,Director of Center

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Education, Nara University of Education
Faculty of Education, Nara University of Education


Development of the Program for Learning the Tactical Ploblem in the Net Games in the elementary physical education classes
Takashi NAKAI, Mika TAKATA and Horosuke WAKAZONO
57(1) 157-168   2008
The current state and problems regarding teacher training in Japan as seen from the point of view of fostering practical teaching performance
Hirofumi MORI, Takashi NAKAI, Seiichiri KIHARA
4 41-54   2008
Standards and Practice for K-12 Physical Education in Japan
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance   76(7) 17-22   2005
A case study about teaching belife of a kindergarten teacher
Bull. Center for Educational Research and Development in Nara University of Education   14 11-20.   2005
Development of teching material for learning the tactical awareness in the invasion game
Bull.Nara University of Education   52(1) 119-130   2003

Conference Activities & Talks

A Teaching & Learning Model of PETE Based on Professional Development and ICT
NASPE PETE Conference   2009   
Standards and Reformation for Physical Education Teacher Education in Japan
NASPE PETE Conference   2006   
Educational System and Physical Education Teacher Education in Japan
Georgia State University Physical Education Teacher Education Assessment Project   2002   

Research Grants & Projects

The development of the model of teacher education curriculum and Assessment
Teacher Education