TOGAWA Masahiko

TOGAWA Masahiko

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TOGAWA Masahiko
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa
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Published Papers

Sufi-Orders and Tarikas in Bengal: A Case Study of Religious Practices at the Shah Ali Majar in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Togawa Masahiko
in Islamic and Sufi Studies in Academia: Rethinking Methodologies: Kyoto Kenan Rifai Sufi Studies Series 3   3    2019
The Spirit of Liberation War and the 1972 Constitution: Redefining Secularism
TOGAWA, Masahiko
The Journal of Social Studies: Special Issue on Liberation War 1971   158(April-June) 61-83   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Sharing the Narratives: An Anthropologist among the Local People at the Mausoleum of Fakir Lalon Shah in Bangladesh
Togawa, Masahiko.
イスラーム世界研究   6 21-36   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Bangladesher Lalon Fakirer Majare Sthaniyo Manusher Sathe Ekjan Nribigjyani o Tar Abhigyata Bayan
Togawa, Masahiko.
Bhabnagar: International Journal of Bengal Studies   3 341-364   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
シャンティニケトンの岡倉天心―1902年の英領インドにおけるタゴールとの出会いに ついて
 南アジア研究      2014


Buddhist Revival Movements in Bengal by Dharmapala, Kripasharan Mahāsthavir, and the Japanese
TOGAWA, Masahiko
Booklet of 8th Karmayogi Kripasaran Memorial Lecture Celebrating 125 year of a Golden Heritage   1-28   Aug 2017   [Invited]
Revisiting Ethnographic Study on the Rural Society in Bengal
TOGAWA, Masahiko
Panel Proceedings: Remembering Village after 50 Years: Reconsidering an Ethnography by the late Professor Tadahiko Hara, 5th International Congress of Bengal Studies   83-101   Jan 2018
Listening to the Voices of the Deceased in History
Commemorating the Dead in a Time of Global Crisis:      Mar 2012

Books etc

An Encounter Between Two Asian Civilizations: Rabindranath Tagore and the Early Twentieth Centruy Indo-Japanese Cultural Confluence
Togawa Masahiko (Part:Contributor, Okakura Tenshin (Kakuzō) and Rabindranath Tagore: Beginning of Tagore’s Centre for International Exchanges)
The Asiatic Society, Kolkata   Dec 2018   
Minorities and the State: Changing Social and Political Landscape of Bengal.
Masahiko Togawa, Abhijit Dasgupta, and Abul Barkat (Part:Joint Editor)
SAGE Publications   Jul 2011   ISBN:9788132105893
An Abode of the Goddess: Kingship, Caste and Sacrificial Organization in a Bengal Viiage
Masahiko Togawa
Manohar Pulication   Jul 2006   ISBN:9788173046773
Untouchable or Scheduled Castes?: A Gram Panchayat Election in West Bengal in 1993. Untouchability and the Depressed in Caste System: Japanese Studies on South Asia
New Delhi: Manohar   Sep 1997   
Ritual towards Totality: Sola-ana-puja, the ritual organization of durgapuja in rural Bengal. Rituals as Popular Culture: towards Historico-Anthropological Understanding of Modern Indian Society.
文部省特定領域研究   Feb 1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

<2016年度の報告記録から>  The Bodh-Gaya Restoration Movement by Anagarika Dharmapala and the Japanese [Invited]
国際交流基金   17 Mar 2017   Delhi University
Okakura Tenshin (Kakuzō) in Shantiniketan [Invited]
The Asiatic Society, Kolkata   15 Mar 2017   
科研・研究会「アジアの政教関係と新しい公共宗教論構築の地域比較研究   28 Jan 2017   
Saintly Cults and Syncretistic Tradition in Bengal [Invited]
Jahangirnagaru University   6 Dec 2016   
Shantiniketan and Okakura Tenshin: Tagore’s Center for National Education [Invited]
International Symposium: Tagore's Educational Thought   6 Aug 2016   Uttara University


Sakta-pitha[major topics] Encyclopedia of Bangladesh, Banglapedia: National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh. Chief Editor Sirajul Islam, Dhaka: Asiatic Society of Bangladesh,Vol.IX,pp.24-27.
The Others   2012
Listening to the Voices of the Deceased in History, Commemorating the Dead in a Time of Global Crisis: Egypt and Japan in 2011, Tetsuya Ohtoshi & Shimazono Susumu (eds.), Development and Systematization of Death and Life Studies, The University of Tokyo.
The Others   2012
Local Society and the Fieldworker: A Campaign for Protecting the Mausoleum of Fakir Lalon Shah in Bangladesh in 2000. Discussion Paper.
The Others   Mar 2011
Is Lalon Hindu or Muslim, Lalon Samagra, Abul Ahasan Chowdhury (ed.), Dhaka: Pathak Samabes
The Others   2008