IZUMI Takeki

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IZUMI Takeki
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences, Division of Geography
(BLANK)(The University of Tokyo), (BLANK)(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



The Effect of the Relocation of Japanese Capital on a Thermal Environment
International Conference on Modeling Geographical and Environmental Systems with Geographical Information System, Hong Kong   7-14   1998
Environmental System Research   27 171-178   1999
The effect of the shade of buildings on the distribution of albedo using 3-Dimensional buiding data and remote sensing data
Papers and Proceedings of Geographic Information Systems Association   8 149-154   1999
Prediction of Heat Island Growing at New Capital
Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers   52 176-177   1997
Numerical Simulation of Urban Heat Island : the Case of New Capitals in Japan
Annual Report of Engineering Research Institute, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo   57 63-68   1998

Research Grants & Projects

An analysis on a Urban thermal environment by numerical simulation
Computation of surface parameters in urban areas with remotely-sensed data and 3-dimensional building data.
The effect of the relocation of Japanese capital on a thermal environment