NIIMI Michiko

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NIIMI Michiko
Master of Economics(The University of Tokyo)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Research Fellow Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Contemporary Economy, Graduate School, Division of Economics, The University of Tokyo


The Structure of Income Distribution in Thailand -The Economic Behavior of the Poorest People-
A thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo for the degree of Master of Economics      1997
The Structure of Poverty and Income Distribution in Thailand-Focussing on the Economic Behavior of the Poorest People-
Discussion Papers in Japan Local Meeting of the East Asian Economic Association Jointly with the International Development Engineering Society      1999
Poverty, Income Distribution and Urban-Rural Labor Migration in Development Economics-Focussing on Case studies in Thailand-
Proceedings of the 11th Meeting of The Japan Society for International Development      2000
Urban Poverty and Environmental Resource Management Systems in Developing Countries-Case Studies in Philippines-(by joint author)
Niigata University Faculty of Economics Working Papers, Faculty of Economics Niigata University   Series No.26    2000
Urban Poverty and Environmental Resource Management System in Philippines-An investigation on People in Pasig River Region-(by joint author)
The Journal of Society for Ehvironmental Economics and Policy Studies   (6), 230-242    2001


The Proverty and Income Inequality Thailand - The Field Work in Urban Slums -

Research Grants & Projects

Economic Development and Income Distribution in Developing Countries
Economic Development and Environmental Policy in Developing Countries
Economic Development in Developing Countries