KUNO Akihito

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KUNO Akihito
Osaka Prefectural College of Technology
Industrial Systems Engineering, of Materials Chemistry
Job title
Associate Professor
Doctor of Philosophy(The University of Tokyo), Master of Philosophy(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

The University of Tokyo
Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Research Assistant, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,
Research Associate, Graduate School of Arts and


Graduate School, Division of General Culture, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo


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V. A. Chudaeva, S. G. Urchenko, O. V. Chudaev, K. Sugimori, M. Matsuo, A. Kuno
Journal of Geochemical Exploration   88(1-3) 101-105   2006

Books etc

Hydrochemistry of the Baransky Volcano Area
Regularities of the Structure and Evolution of Geospheres, V. I. Il'ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute   2005   
Major, Trace, and Rare Earth Elements in the Surface Waters of Two Areas of the Kuril Islands
Water-Rock Interactions 2004, Taylor &Francis Group   2004   
Chemical Composition and Formation of Thermal Waters in Kuril's Islands (Far East Russia)
Water-Rock Interaction 2004, Taylor & Francis Group   2004   
Geochemical Aspects of Thermal Water Formation in Active Volcanic Areas (on the Examples of the Kuril Island Arc)
Proceeding of the 38th Conference of Societe Internationale des Techniques Hydrothermales (SITH), SITH   2003   
Geochemistry of the Surface Waters of Some Hydrothermal Areas of Kuril Islands
Proceeding of the 38th Conference of Societe Internationale des Techniques Hydrothermales (SITH), SITH   2003   

Research Grants & Projects

Non-destructive Speciation of Solid Environmental Samples
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 1999 - 2017