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Kyoto University

Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Kobe University Graduate School of Agricultural Science, KOBE University Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Published Papers

The Logic of Re-building Governance for Community Farming Based on Corporate Governance Theory
伊庭 治彦
生物資源経済研究   (22) 1-12   2017


Wine Industry in Japan: Production, Distribution and Consumption.

Conference Activities & Talks

Haruhiko Iba, Kiyohiko Sakamoto
Vereinigung f?r sozialwissenschaftliche Japanforschung (VSJF) Annual Conference 2017   2 Nov 2017   
Negotiating Wild Animal Damage to Agricultural Production in Japan: Community Efforts to Mitigate Damage and Coexist with Local Fauna
Haruhiko Iba
Rural Sociological Society 2017 Annual Meeting   30 Jul 2017   
Killing Two Birds with One Stone? Rationale and Regional Governance behind Integrated Rural Policies for Agricultural and Rural Communities
Haruhiko Iba, Kiyohiko Sakamoto
International Rural Sociology Association   13 Aug 2016   
“What constitutes “rationality” of female peasants’ behaviors in farming practices and crop choices in Sudan?− An approach from gendered livelihoods and feminist political ecology perspectives−
Haruhiko Iba, Kiyohiko Sakamoto, Hiroaki Samejima
Annual Meeting of Rural Sociological Society (2015 Aug)   Aug 2015   
Challenges for Farmers Field School in Sudan: Towards Participatory Synthesis of Traditional Practices and Modern Knowledge for Sustainable Farming and Livelihood
Kiyohiko SAKAMOTO , Kyoto University, Wichita Falls, TX, Japan,Haruhiko IBA , Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology   Jul 2014   
Empowering peasant women farmers in Sudan: potential and challenges through development of weed control techniques,
Elrasheed, M., Iba, H., Sakamoto, K
Annual Meeting of Rural Sociological Society (2013 Aug)   Aug 2013   
Beyond Farming: Cases of Revitalization of Rural Communities through Multi-role Community Farming Enterprise as Social Service Provider2012
Iba Haruhiko、 Sakamoto Kiyohiko
Rural Sociological Society   26 Jul 2012   
Enhancing Social Awareness of Conserving Agricultvire Resources : A case of Farmland, Water, and Environmental Conservation Law Program of Japan2011
Haruhiko Iba
Rural sociological society   2 Jul 2011   
Community Supported Conservation Program in Japan2010
Haruhiko Iba
73rd Annual meeting of the Rural Sociological Society   2010   
Sustainability of Communal Farming in Japan : From the Viewpoint of Farmers' Contribution2009
Haruhiko Iba、Akihiro Takahashi
Rural Sociological Society   1 Aug 2009   
Iba, Haruhiko. and Takahashi, Akihiro
Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Rural Sociological Society   28 Jul 2008