SHIGA Ichiko

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SHIGA Ichiko
Ibaraki Christian University
College of Literature, Department of Cross-Cultural Studies
Job title
Asspcoate Professor

Research Areas


Published Papers

The Inheritance and Transformation of Ritual of Chaozhounese Charitable Associations in Southeast Asia
SHIGA Ichiko
Overseas Chinese Document Research   2 148-174   Mar 2016   [Refereed][Invited]
Localization of Lüzu Cult in Lingnan Area from the End of the Qing Dynasty to the Early Republic of China: Focusing on Sacred Places and Scriptures
SHIGA Ichiko
Daoism: Religion, History and Society   7 223-263   2015   [Refereed][Invited]


志賀 市子
東方宗教 = The Journal of eastern religions   (124) 39-62   Nov 2014
Shiga Ichiko
国際常民文化研究叢書3 -東アジアの民具・物質文化からみた比較文化史-=International Center for Folk Culture Studies Monographs 3 -Comparative Cultural History from the Perspective of East Asian Mingu and Material Culture-   151-167   Mar 2013
Ichiko Shiga
Journal of Ibaraki Christian College. I, Humanities, II, Social and natural sciences   46 117-134   2012
This article is intended as an investigation of the creation and change of sub-ethnicities in Hong Kong Chinese, focusing on Hoiluhkfungyahn or Hoiluhkfung people (also known as Hoiluhkfung Hohklou), one of the Chinese sub-ethnic groups in Hong Ko...

Books etc

Daoist sacred sites and Local gods
Masaaki, Tsuchiya & Vincent Goossaert (Part:Contributor, Formation of a New Daoist community in the 19th century Lingnan area)
Feb 2016   
志賀 市子, 宋 軍
中文大學出版社   2013   ISBN:9789629965037
A Study of Yi Shamanism-Some Case Studies of Shaman(ess)Suni in Da-tiang-shan Yi Society
Folk Culture of Naxi and Yi People in Southwestern China-A Comparative Study of Folk-Religious   1999   
Shamanism and Taoism in Modern China : Study of Daoist Spirit-writing Cults(Daotan)in Hong Kong
Besei Publishing Corporation   1999   
Changes of Religious Specialists in Postwar Hong Kong Funerals : From Naahm-mouh-louh to Ging-Saang
Anthropological Study of Hong Kong Society : Retrospect and Prospect   

Conference Activities & Talks

Spirit-Writing Halls in Western Guangdong: Their Positioning in the 19th-Century Spirit-Writing Movement [Invited]
SHIGA Ichiko
25 Jun 2019   
What kind of innovations did spirit writing bring about for a popular saints cult? : A case of the Song Dafeng cult in 19th century Chaozhou [Invited]
SHIGA Ichiko
25 Mar 2017   

Research Grants & Projects

Popular Religion and Taoism in China