MURAKAMI Shinichiro

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MURAKAMI Shinichiro
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of International Relations

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Law, Kobe University
Faculty of Literature, Kobe University


An "Institutional Engineering" on the "Political Culture"?
Journal of the College of International Studies of Chubu University   (15) 1-43   1995
Fallen Prodi, Failed D'Alema, Suicidal"Olive Tree" : An Aporia of the Center-Left Government under the Globalization and the European Integration
51(7) 29-46   2000
Can Christian Democracy Survive? The Collapse of the Cristian Democratic Party and the Catholic Church in Itary
The Annuals of the Japanese Political Science Association, 2001   53-58    2002
The European Economic Monetary Union and the Structured Transforwahen of Italian Politics(1)(2)
The Kobe City University Journal   52(1) 27-46, 52/6, 45-73   2001
Immigration and the Rise of a New Right in Itary : Islamophobia of the Northern League
Journal of World Aflairs   50(10) 35-47   2002

Books etc

Political Factions
Minerva-Shobo   1996   
The European Integration and the Ethno-Cultural Problems
Jinbun-Shoin   1995   
Italian Politics
Waseda University Press   1999   
The Social Democratic Party of Japan(jointly worked)
Nihon-Keizai-Hyoron-Sha   2003   
Globalization and Inovation of Politics(jointly worked)
Minerva-Shobo   2003   


The Trans formation of Party Organizations under the European Integration
1999 - 2000
Post-Conservatism in EU Countries of 21st Century
The Development and Decline of the Socialist Party and the Social Democracy in the Post-war Japan
2000 - 2001
Comparative Studies of Plitical Corruption and Clientelism
2002 - 2004
The Legal-Institutional Transformation under the transition to the so-called "Second Republic" in Italy
2003 - 2004

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Transformation of Party System
Study on Fascism
Study on the Political Catholicism
Study on the European Integration and the Transformation of Nation-States