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Former Institution /Organization Kansai University Faculty of Letters Department of German Language and Literature
Job title
Master of Literature

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Yamaguchi University/Assistant
Kokugakuin University/full-time lecturer
Kokugakuin University/assistant professor
Kobe Navigation College/assistant professor


Instrumental Expressions in Old Saxon and Old High German (1) -"Heliand" and "Oftrid"
Essays and Studies by Members of the Faculty of letters of Kansai Univ.      1993
Instrumental Expressions in Old Saxon and Old High German (2) -Instrumental Genitive in "Heliand", Greek and Gothic Bible.
Essays and studies by Members of the Faculty of Letters of Kansai Univ.      1995
Language-historical Backgrounds of Adverbial Genitive -An Answer to Behaghel's Question about the Origin of Instrumental Genitive-
German Literature (the Society for German Literature and Language in Kansai Univ. )      1998
Archaism in "Genoveva" of Tieck
Collected Papers of the Seminar for Foreign Languages of Kokugakuin Univ.      1968
the Use of Gentive in Tieck's Dramas.
Formation      1969

Books etc

Linguisten Handbuch
Max Niemeyer Verlag   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

Study of Cases from the Standpoint of Language Histroy
The Other Research Programs
the morphological,snytactic Influence of Greek and Latin on German
The Other Research Programs
Forms and Functions of Cases fron the Standpoint of Indo-European Comparative Linguistics
The Other Research Programs