INABA Mitsuyuki

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INABA Mitsuyuki
Ritsumeikan University
College of Policy Science, Department of Policy Science
Job title
Master of Science(University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Other affiliation
Ritsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Vice Director, Public Relations Office, Ritsumeikan Trust
Apr 2008
Professor, College of Policy Science & Graduate School of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University
Apr 2007
Mar 2008
Associate Professor, College of Policy Science & Graduate School of Policy Science
Sep 2005
Sep 2006
Visiting Scholar, Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, University of California, San Diego
Apr 1998
Mar 2007
Associate Professor, College of Policy Science & Graduate School of Policy Science


Apr 1988
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Literature, Ritsumeikan University
Mar 1983
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Hachinohe College
Aug 1997
Department of Information and Computer Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Mar 1998
Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Communication and Information Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Committee Memberships

Aug 2017
Aug 2017
MMIRA Asia Regional 2017 / JSMMR2017 Conference  Chair of the Organizing Committee
Oct 2016
Oct 2019
International Consultative Committee of Digital Dunhuang  International Consultative Committee Member
Sep 2015
Sep 2015
MMIRA Asia Regional 2015 / 1st JSMMR Conference 2015  Chair of the Organizing Committee
Jan 2015
Japan Society of Mixed Methods Research  Executive Board Member
Apr 2014
Mar 2015
Steering Committee, SIG Computer and Humanities (CH), Information Processing Society of Japan  Steering Committee Member

Published Papers

Grounded text mining approach (GTxA): An integration of grounded theory and crossover mixed analyses
Mitsuyuki INABA & Hisako KAKAI
MMIRA 2018 Book of Abstracts   94-95   Aug 2018
Constructing Multicultural Learning Environment and Collaborative Serious Games in Metaverse
Juhyung SHIN, Yehang JIANG, and Mitsuyuki INABA
Replaying Japan 2018 Conference Book   17-19   Aug 2018
法と心理   17(1) 1-2   Oct 2017
Implementing Collaborative Serious Games on Japanese Culture based on Restored Historical Structures and Landscapes in the 3D Metaverse
Juhyung SHIN, Yan JIAO, Yehang JIANG, and Mitsuyuki INABA
Proceedings of Replaying Japan 2017   37-40   Aug 2017
The possibilities of 'Innocence Project' in Japan
Saki Yamada, Kana Sasakura, Makoto Ibusuki, Mitsuyuki Inaba, Hroshi Sato, and Sumio Hamaad
Japanese Journal of Law and Psychology   16(1) 55-61   Oct 2016

Books etc

Grounded Text Mining Approach: A Synergy between Grounded Theory and Text Mining, A. Bryant and K. Charmaz (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Current Developments in Grounded Theory.
Hisako Kakai
SAGE Publications Ltd.   Apr 2019   ISBN:978-1473970953
能智 正博(編集代表)、香川 秀太・川島 大輔・サトウ タツヤ・柴山 真琴・鈴木 聡志・藤江 康彦(編)
新曜社   Nov 2018   ISBN:978-4-7885-1601-4
浜田寿美男・指宿信・木谷明・後藤昭・佐藤 博史・浜井浩一(編)『供述をめぐる問題 (シリーズ 刑事司法を考える 第1巻)』岩波書店   Mar 2017   
抱井尚子・成田慶一(編)『混合研究法への誘い─質的・量的研究を統合する新しい実践研究アプローチ』遠見書房   Sep 2016   ISBN:978-4-86616-016-0
村山満明・大倉得史(編)『尼崎事件~支配・服従の心理分析』現代人文社   Dec 2015   

Conference Activities & Talks

Children-centered community development through university-community collaboration in Japan
University-Community Links (UCLinks) Conference 2019   15 Mar 2019   
Implementing Platforms for Cultural Construction
NII Shonan Meeting "Modelling Cultural Process"   12 Mar 2019   
立命館大学地域情報研究所プログレスレポート   15 Jan 2019   
Expectation for “Psychology and Law" in Innocence Efforts
12th Annual Conference of East Asian Association of Psychology and Law 2018   15 Dec 2018   
The Impact of Presentation Media of Suspect’s Confessions on the Viewer's Conviction
12th Annual Conference of East Asian Association of Psychology and Law 2018   15 Dec 2018   

Teaching Experience



データで司る法、データから省察する司法, 『時の法令』, 雅粒社, 2019年(平成31年)3月15日号〔第2069号〕
The Others   Mar 2019
司法における方言, 『時の法令』, 雅粒社, 2019年(平成31年)2月15日号〔第2067号〕
The Others   Feb 2019
司法における「思いやり」と「コスト」, 『時の法令』, 雅粒社, 2019年(平成31年)1月15日号〔第2065号〕
The Others   Jan 2019
司法実務家が大学で学ぶということ, 『時の法令』, 雅粒社, 2018年(平成30年)12月15日号〔第2063号〕
The Others   Dec 2018
外の視点の大切さ, 『時の法令』, 雅粒社, 2018年(平成30年)11月15日号〔第2061号〕
The Others   Nov 2018

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: 2007 - 2011