HIRAI Shinichi

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HIRAI Shinichi
Ritsumeikan University
College of Science and Engineering, Department of Robotics
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Kyoto University)
Other affiliation
Ritsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan University

Research Areas



Applied Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
Applied Mathematics and Physics , "Graduate School, Division of Engineering", Kyoto University

Committee Memberships

Jan 2016
Dec 2016
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society  2016 IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2016), Editor
Jan 2015
Dec 2015
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society  2015 IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2015), Editor
Apr 2014
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society  IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Associate Editor
Jan 2014
Dec 2014
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society  2014 IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014), Editor
Jan 2013
Jun 2013
Robotics: Science and Systems  2013 Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS 2013), Area Chair

Awards & Honors

May 2015
"favorite" poster award, SIMULIA Community Conference
Dec 2011
Finalists of T. J. Tarn Best Paper in Robotics (TPS-SURF-SAC Matching Approach of Feature Point Applied to Deformation Measurement of Nonrigid Tissues from MR Images)
Dec 2009
Finalist of 2009 IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Biomimetics Best Paper in Biomimetics (Two-Phased Force and Coordinates Controller for a Pair of 2-DOF Soft Fingers)
ロボット学会論文賞 (柔軟指による物体把持と操作における力学の実験的解明)
第12回ロボティクスシンポジア最優秀論文賞 (柔軟指による物体操作のダイナミクス)

Published Papers

Takahiro Matsuno, Shinichi Hirai, and Zhongkui Wang
International Journal of Food Engineering   4(4) 283-287   Dec 2018
Zhongkui Wang, Masamitsu Kido, Kan Imai, Kazuya Ikoma, and Shinichi Hirai
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering   21(4) 332-343   Mar 2018
Javier Molina and Shinichi Hirai
Robotics and Biomimetics   4(15)    Dec 2017
Takahiro Matsuno, Zhongkui Wang, and Shinichi Hirai
Robotics and Biomimetics   4(13)    Dec 2017
Zhongkui Wang, Mingzhu Zhu, Sadao Kawamura and Shinichi Hirai
Robotics and Biomimetics   4(10)    Nov 2017

Books etc

平井 慎一
近代科学社   Dec 2017   ISBN:978-4-7649-0473-6
平井 慎一, 和田 隆広, 井上 貴浩, 柴田 瑞穂, 若松 栄史, 王 忠奎
近代科学社   Dec 2017   ISBN:978-4-7649-0473-6
Why Humans can Manipulate Objects Despite a Time Delay in the Nervous System
Takahiro Inoue and Shinichi Hirai
Ravi Balasubramanian and Veronica J. Santos eds., The Human Hand as an Inspiration for Robot Hand Development, Springer International Publishing   Jan 2014   ISBN:978-3-319-03016-6
Mechanics of Localized Slippage in Tactile Sensing
Van Ho and Shinichi Hirai
Springer   Jan 2014   ISBN:978-3-319-04122-3
Understanding Slip Perception of Soft Fingertips by Modeling and Simulating Stick-Slip Phenomenon
Van Ho and Shinichi Hirai
Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Nicholas Roy, and Pieter Abbeel eds., Robotics: Science and Systems VII, The MIT Press   2012   ISBN:9780262306881

Conference Activities & Talks

A Soft Gripper with Adjustable Stiffness and Variable Working Length for Handling Food Material
2018 IEEE Int. Conf. on Real-time Computing and Robotics (IEEE RCAR 2018)   2 Aug 2018   
A Plug-In for Automating Flatfoot Finite Element Modeling
KES Int. Conf. on Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare (KES-InMed-18)   21 Jun 2018   
Chamber Dimension Optimization of a Bellow-Type Soft Actuator for Food Material Handling
The First IEEE-RAS Int. Conf. on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft 2018)   26 Apr 2018   
Estimating Deformation of a Thin Flexible Plate Using a Minimum Number of Angular Measurement
The First IEEE-RAS Int. Conf. on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft 2018)   25 Apr 2018   
Vibration analysis of food material for noncontact viscoelasticity measurement
2018 5th Int. Conf. on Chemical and Food Engineering (ICCFE 2018)   5 Apr 2018   

Teaching Experience



平井慎一, 仮想レオロジー物体のリアルタイム変形シミュレーション
The Others   2008 - 2008
平井慎一, レオロジー物体の動的変形シミュレーションと力学特性の同定
The Others   2007 - 2007
塩津あゆみ, 山中雅史, 松山吉成, 中西永, 原義行, 坪井辰彦, 岩出卓, 杉山勇太, 平井慎一, 移動跳躍ソフトロボット「KOHARO」
The Others   2006 - 2006
平井慎一, 上原正太, 空気圧アクチュエータ用小型比例制御弁の開発 - 小型化と応答性のトレードオフの検討 -
The Others   2005 - 2005
平井慎一, レオロジー物体の動的変形シミュレーション
The Others   2003 - 2003

Research Grants & Projects

独立行政法人科学技術振興機構 地域イノベーション創出総合支援事業(シーズ発掘試験)
Project Year: 2007 - 2008
NEDO 21世紀ロボットチャレンジプログラム プロトタイプ開発支援事業
Project Year: 2004 - 2004
NEDO 地域新生コンソーシアム
Project Year: 2001 - 2001