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Tokyo Institute of Technology
School of Materials and Chemical Technology
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Associate Professor
Doctor of Science
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:Japan Science and Technology Corporation Postdoctoral Researcher
-:Tokyo Institute of Technology Research Associate


Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo


S. Toyoda H. Mutobe H. Yamagishi N. Yoshida Y. Tanji
Soil Biology & Biochemistry   37(8) 1535-1545   2005
H. Yamagishi N. Yoshida S. Toyoda B. N. Popp M. B. Westley S. Watanabe
Geophys. Res. Lett.   32 L04603   2005
R. Well H. Flessa F. Jaradat S. Toyoda N. Yoshida
J. Geophys. Res.   110(G2) G02006   2005
Koki Maeda, Sakae Toyoda, Ryosuke Shimojima, Takashi Osada, Dai Hanajima, Riki Morioka and Naohiro Yoshida
Applied and Environmental Microbiology   76(5) 1555-1562   2010
J. Mohn, C. Guggenheim, Bella Tuzson, M. K. Vollmer, Sakae Toyoda, Naohiro Yoshida, and L. Emmenegger
Atmos. Meas. Tech.   3 609窶骭€618   2010

Books etc

Site-specific nitrogen isotope analysis in N_2_O by mass spectrometry
Elsevier   2004   
Field and laboratory studies of N_2_O turnover in the saturated zone of hydromorphic soils of Northwest Germany. I: N_2_O surface emission and vertical distribution of concentrations and isotopomer signatures
Non-CO_2_ Greenhouse Gases: Scientific Understanding, Control and Implimentation (Proceedings of Third International Symposium on Non-CO_2_ Greenhouse Gases, 2002.1.21-23)   2002   
Methods of sampling, measurements and data acquisition for hydrogen and oxygen isotopic composition in rainwater
Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in hydrology (The textbook for the eleventh IHP training course in 2001)   2002   
Isotopomer analysis of methane and nitrous oxide for the study of their geochemical cycles
Non-CO_2_ Greenhouse Gases: Scientific Understanding, Control and Implimentation   2000   

Conference Activities & Talks

Investigation of methane emission during sewage water treatment in Japan through carbon isotope ratio
Nitrogen dynamics in a sub-tropical forest in south China
4th International Symposium on Isotopomers   2008   
Isotopic characterization of atmospheric hydrogen emitted from biomass burning
4th International Symposium on Isotopomers   2008   
Isotopic characterization of molecular hydrogen emitted from automobile exhaust
4th International Symposium on Isotopomers   2008   
Analysis of seasonal variation of mass 47-CO2 in urban air
4th International Symposium on Isotopomers   2008   

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Research Grants & Projects

Investigation of N_2_O behavior in nature by isotopomer analysis