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Faculty of Medical Sciences
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Senior Assistant Professor
Master of Education(Fukui University)
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Academic & Professional Experience

 Fukui Prefectural University College of Nursing, Stuff


障害児教育, Graduate School, Division of Education, Fukui University

Committee Memberships

American Association of Diabetes Educators  Member in good standing


The adaptation in clinical practice " IDF Peer Leader-Mannual"
森川 浩子, Yuriko Kuroe, Kazuko Nin, Mariko Oishi
Japanese Journal of Diabetes Master Clinician   11(1) 71-75   2013
American Association of Diabetes Educators, the current DSME standards
森川 浩子
Nippon Rinsho Vol70 special issue 5 Recent Progress in clinical Diabetology   70(5) 617-623   2012
Social Network for prevent, treat, control of adolescence anemia
Hiroko Morikawa, Miho Maeda, Shinichi Haruki, Shigetake Toyooka
Child Health   15(6) 55-57   2012
The report of the 1st APCDE(asia pacific congress of diabetes education)
森川 浩子
Japanese Journal of Diabetes Master Clinicians   9(5) 566-567   2011
Peer support around the world
Mariko Oishi, Hiroko Morikawa, Yuriko Kuroe
Japanese Journal of Diabetes Master Clinicians   9(5) 552-555   2011

Books etc

Pregnancy and Diabetes, The essence of maternal-infant management(Part:Contributor, Peer Support of reproductive health education)
Kinpodo   2013   ISBN:978-4-7653-1567-8
Morikawa Hroko
2013 Fukui Prefecture university relationship research project report   2013   
Physica; and Mental The Review of General Health for junior and senior high school(Part:Contributor, Anemia, 10% prevalence in adolescence girls)
Shonen Ashashin Shimbunsha   2012   ISBN:978-4-87981-397-8
Hiroko Morikawa(Part:Contributor, Crossmedia for Lifestyle Modification Program to Prevent Diabetes)
The Secretariat of 16th Japan-Korea Symposium on Diabetes Mellitus   2011   
Hiroko Morikawa(Part:Contributor, Lifestyle Modification TV Program by Using On-Demand News Organization in Japan)
The secretariat of taiwanese association of diabetes educators   2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

Learning Story, based on Life History, Experience change to Next Step
33rd Japan Academy of Nursing Science Annual Meeting   2013   
A survey of anemia screening in junior high school in Fukui 2005-2012
117th annual meeting of Japan Pediatric Society   2013   
Crossmedia for Lifestyle Modification Program to Prevent Diabetes
16th Japan-Korea Symposium on Diabetes Mellitus   2011   
第11回日本糖尿病情報学会年次学術集会   2011   
Lifestyle Modification TV Program byn Using On-Demand News Organization in Japan
The 1st APCDE(Asia-Pacific Cngess of Dabetes Education)   2011   


Be more cheerful, by treating adolescence anemia
2009 - 2010
Be more Cheerful, screening and treating adolescence anemia 2009 Fukui
2009 - 2010
Artistic Activity   2008

Research Grants & Projects

National Standards for Diabetes Self-Magement Education
International Joint Research Projects
Project Year: 2008 - 2010
By the JSPS(Japan Society for the promotion of Sciences), Japan-US
Cooperative project for the creation of National Standards for Diabetes Self-Manahgement Education and Utilization Thereof, I am the research task force chair and making the safety...
Motivational Interviewing
Project Year: 2006 - 2008
Chronic diseases are occur by gene factor and lifestyle. To behavior change,
for example smoking, in 1980 , Motivational intrerviewing was developed .and
practical reserch was done in Joslin Diabetes Center. I went to the psychologist
and traine...
Outcome Measurement of Diabetes Education
Project Year: 2005 - 2007
Quality assuarance of Diabetes Self Management Education is consisted 3 factors(Structure, Process, Outcome). The Outcome of Diabetes self management education is ongoing process( Learing, behavior change, Cinical
Indicator, Long term complication...