UCHIDA Chiyoko

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UCHIDA Chiyoko
Fukushima University
Faculty of Human Development and Culture
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas



Rates of Mortality, Drop-out and Taking off an Repeating Academic Years of Japanese National College Students in 1999, 22nd Report-(1)
Campus Health   37(2) 121-126   2001
College Mental Health
Clinical Psychiatry   30(7) 815-823   2001
The Investigation of The Drop-out and Take-off Academic yeas students among 58 Japanese Universities
The Japanese Association of University Mental Health, The Report of 21st Meeting   (21) 12-20   2000
Sexual Harassment in Academia and Medicine-Psychiatric Issues.
Psychosomatic Medicine   (4) 272-277   2000
The Influence of Managed Care to The Psychiatric Inpatients Treatment of Adolescents at The Comprehensive Hospital of USA.
9(1) 102   2000
Social Skills Training for Depressine Patients of a company sponsored general Hospital -Benefit as Rehabilitation to Work.
Psychiatry and Neurology of Japan   99(10) 837   1997
Suicidal Behavior of Adolescents and Family Dynamics, "Suicide".
Science of Mental Health   63 47-52   1995
Drug Abuse and Psychosocial Background among Juvenile Delinquents…Correlation between self-destructive behavior and traumatic experiences.
International Medical Journal   2(1) 34-37   1995
Suicidality among Juvenile Delinquents
World Congress of World Federation for Mental Health Tokyo, Japan 1993, abstract   145   1993

Books etc

Records of the Patients Withdrawing from Society
Socio Health   2001   
Mental Health of Family : Mental Health up Dated.
University of Air Press   1995   


Pyschiatric Judgement of the Young Adult Accused who Murdered his Mother
Clinical Features and Treatment of Adolescent Suicide Attempters in the Psychiatric Ward of Waterbury Hospital in CT, USA.
Role of Psychiatrists in a Clinical Research of a New Psychotropic Drug Development at a Pharmaseutical Company in Switzerland.

Research Grants & Projects

Drug Discovery of Alzheimer Disease from Molecules- RegulatingMicrotubule Polymerization
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2013    Investigator(s): UCHIDA Takafumi
Integrated Mechanism Regulating Phosphorylation- Dependent Signal Transduction
Project Year: 2004 - 2009    Investigator(s): UCHIDA Takafumi
Analysis of the stress resistance functions of Prolyl Isomerase Pin1
Project Year: Apr 2004 - Mar 2008    Investigator(s): UCHIDA Takafumi
Biological Activities of Protein Folding Enzyme
Project Year: Apr 2001 - Mar 2004    Investigator(s): UCHIDA Takafumi
Pharmachotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (SST) as Rehab. to Work for Depression and Anxiety Disorder
Mental Health of College Students through the Rates of Taking off, repeating academic years, drop out and suicide
Correlation between problematic Behaviors such as Suicide Attempy, Juvenile Delinquency, and withdrawing from Society and Traumatic Experiences
Change of Psychiatric Treatment of Adolescent Patients in these 10 years in USA -How Much it is Affected by Managed Care-