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St. Luke's International University
School of Nursing, School of Nursing, Nursing Research Methodology, International Nursing
Job title
Ph.D.(University of Illinois (U.S.A.)), MA Sociology


Global Health Nursing & Nursing Research

Research Areas



Aug 1992
May 1996
Public Health Nursing (Wemen's Health Concentration), Nursing Science, University of Illinois, Graduate Program, Doctoral Course
Public Nursing (Wemen's Health concentration), Graduate School, Division of Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago
Apr 1973
Mar 1975
Applied Sociology Concentration, Sociology, St. Paul University Graudate Program
Apr 1967
Mar 1972
Faculty of Hygienic Nursing, St. Luke's College of Nursing

Committee Memberships

Japan Academy of Nursing Science,  Director Associate Edotor of Japan Journal of Nursing Science
St. Luke's Society for Nursing Research  Director

Published Papers

高橋恵子, 亀井智子, 大森純子, 有森直子, 麻原きよみ, 菱沼典子, 新福洋子, 田代順子, 大橋久美子, 朝澤恭子
聖路加国際大学紀要   4 9‐17   Mar 2018
Mizutani M, Tashiro J, Maftuhah, Sugiarto H, Yulaikhah L, Carbun R
Nursing & health sciences   18(1) 15-22   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Shimoda K, Leshabari S, Horiuchi S, Shimpuku Y, Tashiro J
BMC pregnancy and childbirth   15 248   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
田代順子, 松谷美和子, 緒方愛, 上田貴子, 嶋津多恵子, 堀井聡子
聖路加国際大学紀要   1 20-28   Mar 2015


Development of Healthy lifestyle Index for Senior High School and College Students
Japanease Journal of School Health   vol.43 Supplement, 88-89    2002
Sanario : Long-term Care for the Elduty
Journal of Nursing Sahoarship,IMAGE   31(2) 133-134   1999
Health Promoting Lifestyle Behaviors of Senior-High School Women : Qualitative Exploratory Research
Abstructs : Fourty-fifth Research Conference Japanese Association of School Health   242-243   1998
Health Related Behaviors of Japanese College Women
Third International Nursing Research Conference : Japan Academy of Nursing Science   246   1998
11(1) 62-67
Purpose: To develop an evidenced-based service learning program for Japanese nursing students participating involunteer activities in Thailand, we addressed the following questions: 1) what are the difficulties experienced byJapanese nursing stude...
11(1) 109-115   Jun 2007
After the big earthquake in Kansai area in 1995, volunteer activities became popular in Japan. Currently, manynursing students are working in the area of health or community service as volunteers. During the period of FY2002-2004, we investigated ...
10(1) 68-74   Jun 2006
This paper summarizes the St. Luke's College of Nursing 21st Century COE Program, 5th InternationalRelay Symposium titled “Sharing Wisdom, Courage and Experiences: Women Supporting Each Other inSociety“ and serves to compare the constructive conce...
13(1) 1-7   Mar 2009
The gorl of this research project’s aim is to have people have knowledge of the body and take initiative in their own healthcare. According to our preceding research, the best time to educate about the body is just before school age, at about 5 - ...
13(2) 45-52   Jul 2009
The educational program for children has been developed in order to foster people to be active for their ownhealth. This project was one of St. Luke’s College of Nursing 21st Century COE Program for last 5 years. Thiswhole program aimed to the Peo...
13(2) 53-62   Jul 2009
 Purpose of this study was to provide evaluation data for the improvement of a web-based learning support programfor nursing student health volunteers collaboratively developed with students that began January 2007. Based onfindings of evaluation,...
Kazuko NARUSE, Junko TASHIRO, Yumi SAKYO, Wakako ICHIKAWA, and Anna KARANI
Japan Journal of Nursing Science   5(1) 61-67   Jun 2008
(32) 51-58   Mar 2006
This paper describes how the process of research conceived by healthcare experts, “Knowledge of the body is necessary for people to take initiative in their own healthcare,“ has been developed into collaborative research with community people. In ...
(30) 31-38   Mar 2004
After centuries of cultural stability Japan is now experiencing complex societal changes. As a result,health, education, and other areas in Japan are being reformed to address the changes in our society.Nursing and nursing education in Japan is fa...
(26) 44-49
The health status of Japanese women is not necessarily good, although they live longer than men and their mortality rate is the lowest in the world.Women perceived their health as inferior to that of men.Large number of women complain about illnes...
(37) 25-30   Mar 2011
This article describes our first year's educational activity of a new course:“Integrated learning-Ⅲ:Science for Daily Living“, using web-based service-learningthat commenced April 2009 for freshmen and sophomore students. It was developed througha...
(37) 10-14   Mar 2011
A workshop was held as part of a research project titled the Developing recruitmentsystem of global health nursing and midwifery experts : Developing a career pass modelfor global health nursing and midwifery experts- that is supported by the Gran...
Yoko SHIMPUKU, Kazuko NARUSE, Mafutuhah, and Miwako MATSUTANI
Japan Journal of Nursing Science   1-10   May 2012

Books etc

Health Care for Women International
Reico Kishi,Bebvverly,J.Mcelmurry et (Part:Joint Work, Japanese Women's Experiences form Pregnancy through Early Postpartum Period)
Routledge   2010   
Improving Health through Nursing Reserch
William L.Holzmer (Part:Joint Work, Chapter7 Defining the research problem)
Stakeholders' perception of the desired Master's program for Kenya in community health nursing: Areas of competency
Kazuko Naruse,Junko Tashiro,Yumi Sakyo,Wakako Ichikawa and Anna K.Karani (Part:Joint Work)
Japan Journal of Nursing Science   2008   
Chapter. 7 Defining the research problem In Improving Health through Nursing Research
Junko Tashiro, William Holzemer (Part:Joint Work)
Wiley-Blackwell   2010   
Health care for women international 32:Japanese Women's experiences from pregnancy through early postpartum period
JunkoTashiro,ReicoKishi,Bebvverly,J.Mcelmurry,Susan Vonferheid,Susan Altfeld,Barbara Mcfarlin (Part:Joint Work)
Routledge   Dec 2010   

Conference Activities & Talks

高橋恵子, 朝澤恭子, 有森直子, 亀井智子, 麻原きよみ, 新福洋子, 大森純子, 菱沼典子, 田代順子
聖路加看護学会学術大会講演集   Sep 2018   
朝澤恭子, 高橋恵子, 有森直子, 亀井智子, 麻原きよみ, 新福洋子, 大森純子, 菱沼典子, 田代順子
聖路加看護学会学術大会講演集   Sep 2018   
織方愛, 田代順子
日本国際保健医療学会学術大会プログラム・抄録集   3 Dec 2016   
日本看護技術学会学術集会講演抄録集   Aug 2016   
水谷真由美, 田代順子, MAFTUHAH, HERI Sugiarto, LILY Yulaikhah, RIYANTO Carbun
日本国際保健医療学会学術大会プログラム・抄録集   21 Nov 2015   

Teaching Experience


Research Grants & Projects

Design and Evaluation of Social Participatory Curriculum in Urban Community Using Service Learning in Nursing
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2005 - 2007
Strengthen Community Nursing in Developing Countries: Development of Master Program for Community Nursing in Kenya Development of Human Resource Development in Communitiy Nursing in Afganistan
International Collaboration
Project Year: 2005 - 2007