Yoshiko KUNI

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Yoshiko KUNI
Tokyo Gakugei University
Faculty of Education, Social

Research Areas



Decentralization and Deconcentration under the French Fifth Republic
61 143-153   Jan 2010
Etablissements publics de cooperation intercommunale en France
45(524) 60-68   2003
The New Attempt to limit cumulative mandates of public offices in France -two laws of April 5, 2000 and limits of the proposed reform-
Bulletin of Tokyo Gakugei Univ. Sect.(]G0003[). Vol.53   /,1-11    2001
Franco-Germain Relations-Strain over the Issue of German Reunification-
Bulletin of Tokyo Gakugei Univ. Sect.(]G0003[). Vol.51      2000
Nuclear Policy under the Mitterrand's Government of France
Revue Diplomatique      1998

Books etc

Decentralization in France -under Mitterrand's Presidency-
May 2004   ISBN:ISBN4-657-04515-6

Conference Activities & Talks

What is unique about Japanese Politics?
日本とヨーロッパ   Mar 2010   
Decentralisation en France  -Acte 2-
Dec 2004