KISHI Manabu

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KISHI Manabu

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Tokyo Gakugei University Faculty of Education, Educational Psychology


The effects of presentation and answering modalities for comprehending expository texts.
37(Suppl.) 57-60   Mar 2014
Development and validation of a scale for audience awareness in writing composition.
65    Feb 2014
A comparison of presentation modalities and text styles on the comprehension of expository texts.
64 233-240   Feb 2013
Effects of working memory capacity when reading expository documents with non-continuous texts.
64 225-232   Feb 2013
The relationship of contents between continuous and non-continuous texts when comprehending a textbook of Japanese history.
Education of Social Science   49(6) 28-32   Jun 2012

Books etc

Psychology of Teaching: A Guide to Educational Methodology from a Cognitive Psychology Perspective.
Feb 2014   ISBN:457121040X
Research Methods in Educational Technology
Jul 2012   ISBN:978-4-623-06363-5
An Introduction to Psychological Statistics with SPSS
May 2012   ISBN:978-4-274-06870-6
A Guide to Practical Manual Writing Skills.
Sep 2010   ISBN:978-4-902820-05-8
Contemporary Cognitive Psychology Volume 3: Thought and Language.
Jul 2010   ISBN:13: 978-4762827198

Conference Activities & Talks

Analysis of the Reason for Change of Audience Awareness Levels during a Manual Writing Seminar
Nov 2014   
The Influence of Monitoring Methods of Readers’Self-rated Understanding When Comprehending Expository Texts.
Nov 2014   
Effects of the Extent of Audience Awareness When Writing Situational Expository Texts.
Nov 2014   
Analysis of the Relationship between Key Competencies and Resilience Focusing on the Traits of Deliberation
Nov 2014   
Effects of teaching methods for note-taking skills while listening expository instruction on children.
Aug 2013