KATO Tatsuhiko

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KATO Tatsuhiko
Kisarazu National College of Technology
Job title
Associate Professor
Master of Literature(Tohoku University), Doctor of Literature(Tohoku University)

Research Areas


Published Papers

Citizen interaction library nurtured in the community
KATO Tatsuhiko
(51) 23-31   Jan 2018
There's Something About the Bookshelf
KATO Tatsuhiko
(50) 21-27   Jan 2017
Attitude Survey about "Reading"
KATO Tatsuhiko
(50) 15-20   Jan 2017
KATO Tatsuhiko, ONUKI Toshihiko
The Bulletin of Kisarazu National College of Technology   49 31-36   Jan 2016
This paper is about the cozy community called "Third place". We need to "Third place" not at home at work in life. In the language arts of Kisarazu National College of Technology, we've created this charming community space. The first is a book ca...


Confrontation of eyes : On 'Yonagahime to mimio" [Princess Yonaga and Mimio] by Sakaguchi Ango
Bungei kenkyu   (152) 64-78   2001
The view of Neo-Romanticism : On 'Bara to miko' [Rose and witch] by Ogawa Mimei.
Nihon bungei ronko   (25) 42-53   1998
The process of creating 'Furusato' [home] : On 'Furusato ni yosuru sanka' [A song in praise of home] by Sakaguchi Ango.
Nihon bungei ronko   (12) 47-60   1998
The deconstructive story : On 'Kaze hakase' [Dr. kaze] by Sakaguchi Ango.
Nihon bungei ronko   (22) 29-37   1995

Books etc

Sakaguchi Ango dictionary [works]/[thing]
Kokubungaku, Shibundo   2001   
Open the darkness : introduction to 'Ubumeno natsu' [The summer of hobgoblin 'ubume'] by Kyogoku Natsuhiko
Kanae syobo   2001   
The eroticism in Shimao Toshio's literature.
Kanae syobo   2000   
The romantic love in 1930 age : On 'Fubuki monogatari'〔Snowstorm story〕by Sakaguchi Ango.
Kanrinsyobo   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Modern Japanese Literature
Project Year: 1994 - 2012