TANAKA Yasuhito

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TANAKA Yasuhito
Nara Medical University
Medical Faculty, Medical Department Professional Education
Job title
Assistant Professor
(BLANK)(Nara Medical University)

Research Areas



Faculty of Medicine, Nara Medical University


Ankle Arthroplasty : A Comparative Study of Cemented Metal and Uncemented Ceramic Prosthesis(共著)
Clin. Orthp.   252 209-216   1990
Symptomatic talocalcaneal coalition, -Its clinical significance and treatment-(共著)
Clin. Orthp.   269 249-256   1990
Treatment of Lateral Ligament Tears of the Ankle in Athletes. -To Suture or Not to Suture? -(共著)
Jpn. J. Orthp. Sports Med.   9 23-27   1990
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. -Causes and results of operative treatment-(共著)
J. Bone Joint Surg.   73-B 125-128   1991
Symptomatic talocalcaneal coalition : Its clinical significance and treatment(共著)
Orthopedics/Rheumatology Digest   7 14-16   1992

Books etc

Trends in Research and Treatment of Joint Disease-Pathogenesis of Hallux Valgus-(共著)
Springer Verlag   1992   
Radiographic Analysis of Hallux Valgus: A Two-Dimensional System The Year Book of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Year Book Medical Pub   1996   
Lengths of the metatarsal and patterns of protrusion of the metatarsal heads
Synopsis Book of 2nd International Spring Meeting (Association Francasise de Chirurgie du Pied)   2000   
Osteogenic Activity of Human Marrow Cells on Alumina Ceramics
Bioceramics   2003   
Foot and ankle injuries in caused by traditional Japanese martial arts
Porter DA, Schon LC   2007   

Research Grants & Projects

Clinical Studies on Diagnosis and Treatment of Hallux Valgus
Development and Application of a New Radiographic Structural Analysis System for the Foot
An Anthropological Study on Bony Structural Variations Caused by Habitual Sitting Posture