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Teikyo University
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Teikyo University School of Medicine
Job title
Master of Public Health(Harvard School of Public Health), Doctor of Philosophy

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Research Associate,Department of Hygiene
and Public Health, Teikyo University school of Meidicine
- Instructor, Department of Hygiene
and Public Health, Teikyo University school of Meidicine


Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Teikyo University

Awards & Honors

Sep 2014
Okinaga-Harvard visiting professorship, Okinaga-Harvard visiting professorship

Published Papers

N-Terminal Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Is Not a Significant Predictor of Stroke Incidence After 5 Years - The Ohasama Study.
Satoh M, Murakami T, Asayama K, Hirose T, Kikuya M, Inoue R, Tsubota-Utsugi M, Murakami K, Matsuda A, Hara A, Obara T, Kawasaki R, Nomura K, Metoki H, Node K, Imai Y, Ohkubo T.
Circ J   82(8) 2055-2062   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Direct and Indirect Harassment Experiences and Burnout among Academic Faculty in Japan.
Takeuchi M, Nomura K, Horie S, Okinaga H, Perumalswami CR, Jagsi R.
Tohoku J Exp Med   245(1) 37-44   May 2018   [Refereed]
Impact of early changes in serum biomarkers following androgen deprivation therapy on clinical outcomes in metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.
Sato H, Narita S, Tsuchiya N, Koizumi A, Nara T, Kanda S, Numakura K, Tsuruta H, Maeno A, Saito M, Inoue T, Satoh S, Nomura K, Habuchi T.
BMC Urol   18(1)    May 2018   [Refereed]
Association Between Amplitude of Seasonal Variation in Self-Measured Home Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Outcomes: HOMED-BP (Hypertension Objective Treatment Based on Measurement By Electrical Devices of Blood Pressure) Study.
Hanazawa T, Asayama K, Watabe D, Tanabe A, Satoh M, Inoue R, Hara A, Obara T, Kikuya M, Nomura K, Metoki H, Imai Y, Ohkubo T; HOMED‐BP (Hypertension Objective Treatment Based on Measurement by Electrical Devices of Blood Pressure) Investigators.
J Am Heart Assoc   7(10)    May 2018   [Refereed]
Association between Job Stress and Number of Physical Symptoms among Female Nurses of Medical-university-affiliated Hospitals].
Yoshioka N, Nomura K, Asayama K, Takenoshita S, Nagasawa T, Nakata Y, Hiraike H, Sasamori Y, Tsuchiya A, Ohkubo T, Okinaga H.
Nihon Eiseigaku Zasshi.   73(3) 388-394   2018   [Refereed]
Takai R, Nomura K, Hiraike H, Murakami A, Tanabe A, Tsuchiya A, Okinaga H.
Nihon Eiseigaku Zasshi   73(1) 90-95   2018   [Refereed]
Nomura K, Kodama H, Kido M.
Nihon Eiseigaku Zasshi   73(1) 85-89   2018   [Refereed]
[Academic Research Strategy against an Aging Society with Fewer Children].
Nomura K, Karita K.
Nihon Eiseigaku Zasshi   73(1) 83-84   2018   [Refereed]
Nocturnal blood pressure decline based on different time intervals and long-term cardiovascular risk: the Ohasama Study.
Satoh M, Asayama K, Kikuya M, Inoue R, Tsubota-Utsugi M, Obara T, Murakami K, Matsuda A, Murakami T, Nomura K, Metoki H, Imai Y, Ohkubo T.
Clin Exp Hypertens   40(1) 1-7   2018   [Refereed]
Tanabe A, Asayama K, Hanazawa T, Watabe D, Nomura K, Okamura T, Ohkubo T, Imai Y
Hypertension research : official journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension   40(5) 504-510   May 2017   [Refereed]
Pre-pregnancy body mass index as a predictor of low birth weight infants in Japan.
Murai U, Nomura K, Kido M, Takeuchi T, Sugimoto M, Rahman M
Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition   26(3) 434-437   May 2017   [Refereed]
Nomura K, Kido M, Tanabe A, Nagashima K, Takenoshita S, Ando K
Scientific reports   7(1) 2569   May 2017   [Refereed]
Nomura K, Asayama K, Jacobs L, Thijs L, Staessen JA
Kidney international      Apr 2017   [Refereed]
Murakami K, Asayama K, Satoh M, Inoue R, Tsubota-Utsugi M, Hosaka M, Matsuda A, Nomura K, Murakami T, Kikuya M, Metoki H, Imai Y, Ohkubo T
Journal of atherosclerosis and thrombosis   24(3) 290-300   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Goto F, Nomura K, Taka F, Arai M, Sugaya N
Otology & neurotology : official publication of the American Otological Society, American Neurotology Society [and] European Academy of Otology and Neurotology   38(3) 368-372   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Suzuki K, Nomura K, Takenoshita S, Ando K, Kido M
Industrial health   54(6) 515-520   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Taka F, Nomura K, Horie S, Takemoto K, Takeuchi M, Takenoshita S, Murakami A, Hiraike H, Okinaga H, Smith DR
Industrial health   54(6) 480-487   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Ntineri A, Stergiou GS, Thijs L, Asayama K, Boggia J, Boubouchairopoulou N, Hozawa A, Imai Y, Johansson JK, Jula AM, Kollias A, Luzardo L, Niiranen TJ, Nomura K, Ohkubo T, Tsuji I, Tzourio C, Wei FF, Staessen JA
Hypertension research : official journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension   39(8) 612-617   Aug 2016   [Refereed]
Chatani Y, Nomura K, Ishiguro A, Jagsi R
Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges   91(8) 1173-1180   Aug 2016   [Refereed]
Kitano N, Nomura K, Kido M, Murakami K, Ohkubo T, Ueno M, Sugimoto M
Preventive medicine reports   3 121-126   Jun 2016   [Refereed]


Nomura K
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association   308(12) 1207-8; author reply 1208   Sep 2012   [Refereed]
Nippon Eiseigaku Zasshi (Japanese Journal of Hygiene)   66(1) 22-28   Jan 2011   [Refereed][Invited]
Japan now faces a serious physician shortage. After introducing the new postgraduate medical education (PGME) system and doctor-to-facility matching system, residents shifted their teaching hospitals from university hospitals to non-university hos...
中尾睦宏, 野村恭子
心療内科   10(2) 71-77   Mar 2006
Nishikitani M, Nakao M, Karita K, Nomura K, Yano E. Influence of overtime work, sleep duration, and perceived job characteristics on the physical and mental status of software engineers.
Ind Health   43: 623-629,    2005
Nomura K, Nakao M, Karita K, Nishikitani M, Yano E. Association between work-related psychological stress and arterial stiffness measured by brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity in young Japanese males in an information-service company.
Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health   31:352-9,    2005

Books etc

Physician Shortage: Analyses from the perspective of Human Resource Management and Work Support for Female Physicians in Japan. In Healthy Hospital
Kyoko Nomura
Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome and strategies for discontinuing benzodiazepine use: appropriate treatment with SSRIs and SNRIs. In : Substance Withdrawal Syndrome. Ed JP.Rees and OB Woodhouse.
Mutsuhiro Nakao, Kyoko Nomura, Takeaki Takeuchi.

Conference Activities & Talks

Physician shortage and the use of women physicians.
Kyoko Nomura
Teikyo-Durham mini symposium on gender equal society 15-16 Oct 2013   Oct 2013   
Women’s support at Teikyo University.
Kyoko Nomura
Teikyo-Durham mini symposium on gender equal society 15-16 Oct 2013   Oct 2013   
齋藤智之, 野村恭子, 山田悟, 金光宇, 小佐野博史, 山内俊一
糖尿病   25 Apr 2013   
野村恭子, 山崎由花
日本公衆衛生学会総会抄録集   15 Oct 2012   
木村琢磨, 野村恭子, 高橋理, 青木誠, 矢野栄二, 福井次矢
医学教育   4 Jul 2012   


Efficacy and Cost of hospital infection prevention

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
Project Year: 2009 - 2011    Investigator(s): Kyoko NOMURA
We investigated women physicians(N=1694 ; response rate 83%) who graduated from 14 private medical schools in Japan. Factors which would influence on the continuation of work for women physicians include gender role expectation suggested by previo...
Recurrence on adult onset choleasteatoma
Project Year: 2001 - 2002
Bacteriology on hearing results after Tympanoplasty in cholesteatoma
Project Year: 2001 - 2002
Hearing results of tympanoplasty in the elderly in cholesteatoma
Project Year: 2001 - 2002