KANEKO, Mamoru

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KANEKO, Mamoru
Waseda University
Faculty of Political Science and Economics School of Political Science and Economics
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Engineering(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
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Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory  Economic Theory Fellow

Published Papers

Mamoru Kaneko
Advances in Applied Sociology   08(05) 397-421   May 2018   [Refereed]
The earth has been getting smaller and narrower with the expansion of human activities. Now, it is an urgent task for social scientists to explore and study new socio-economic thoughts for this small and narrow earth. This article provides a norma...
Tai-Wei Hu, Mamoru Kaneko, and Nobu-Yuki Suzuki
WINPEC Working Paper Series   1-29   Jun 2017
Kaneko Mamoru and ito Tamon
Spatial Interaction Models -Facility Location Using Game Theory   118 193-223   2017   [Refereed]
Tai-Wei Hu and Mamoru Kaneko
WINPEC Working Paper Series, Waseda University   (E. 1421) 1-29   Feb 2015
We present a logic called the epistemic infinite-regress logic EIR for  players. It extends the epistemic logic KD, by incorporating the operators expressing infinite regresses. Here, an infinite regress arises from the interdependent thinking of ...
M. Kaneko, and J. J. Kline
International Game Theory Review   17(1) 1-31   Jan 2015   [Refereed]

Books etc

Mathematical Programming and Game Theory
S. K. Neogy, R.B. Bapat, Dipti Dubey and Mamoru Kaneko
Springer   2019   ISBN:978-981-13-3058-2
This book discusses recent developments in mathematical programming and game theory, and the application of several mathematical models to problems in finance, games, economics and graph theory. All contributing authors are eminent researchers in ...
社会正義 地界で考える
金子 守
勁草書房   May 2007   ISBN:978-4326153916
金子 守
勁草書房   Mar 2006   ISBN:978-4326550524
Game Theory and Mutual Misunderstanding
Mamoru Kaneko, Ruth Vanbaelen
Springer Verlag   Dec 2004   ISBN:978-3540222958
金子 守
日本評論社   Apr 2003   ISBN:978-4535552883

Conference Activities & Talks

Mamoru Kaneko
International Conference on Applied Economics   5 Jul 2018   Warsaw School of Economics
Mamoru Kaneko
TUSIV(Time, Uncertainties & Strategies IV ) 2017 Conference, Paris, France   19 Dec 2017   
Expected utility theory with probability grids and preferential incomparabilities
Mamoru Kaneko
1 Dec 2017   
Approximate Quasi-Linearity for Large Incomes [Invited]
Mamoru Kaneko
2017 Nanjing International Conference on Game Theory and the Fourth Microeconomics workshop   18 Nov 2017   
Mamoru Kaneko
The 10th Pan Pacific Game Theory Conference and TGU Positive/Empirical Analyses of Political Economy Symposium   5 Sep 2017   Waseda University, Mamoru Kaneko

Research Grants & Projects

An Interdisciplinary Study of the Interaction between Utterances and Social Contexts in terms of Dynamic Modal Logic
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2022
Logic and Computation of Prediction, Judgment and Decision Making
Project Year: Jul 2011 - Mar 2016
We clarified various aspects of many-layered logical judgement-decision making processes, by introducing new methodologies combinig theoretical methods and experimental methods. Our findings include; (1) effects of different ways of graphic-diag...
game theory
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Mar 2014
In this research project, we have studied social institutions from those in the broad sense such as customs, and moralities to those in the narrow sense such as legal and economic institutions having written codes. Studies of those enable us to ma...
Integrated study of multi-modal logics and game theory
Inductive Game Theory and Limited Rationalities : Individual Derivations of Social Views and Behavioral Decision