Anma Ryo

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Anma Ryo
Tokushima University
Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences
Job title
MSc(University of the Ryukyus), Ph D(Uppsala Universitet)
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1997
Mar 1998
Japan Society for Promoting Science, Post Doctoral Researcher, Earthquake research Institute
Apr 1998
Sep 1998
JSPS Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Earth and Planetary Scinence, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Oct 1998
Mar 2000
Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba, Institute for Geosciences
Apr 2000
Mar 2018
Assistant Professor, Graduate School for Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Apr 2018
Professor, Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences, Tokushima University


Apr 1984
Mar 1988
Department of Marine Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of the Ryukyus
Apr 1988
Mar 1990
Department of Marine Sciences, Faculty of Science (Graduate School), University of the Ryukyus
Mar 1990
Oct 1990
Faculty of Science (Research Student), University of the Ryukyus
Nov 1990
Mar 1997
Tectonics & Geodymamics, Graduate School, Division of Earth Science, Uppsala Universitet

Awards & Honors

Mar 2010
The Best Article Award (The Society of Resource Geology), The Society of Resource Geology
Genesis and mixing/mingling of mafic and felsic magmas of back-arc granite: Miocene Tsushima pluton, southwest Japan

Published Papers

Holocene fluvial and anthropogenic processes in the region of Uruk in southern Mesopotamia
Jotheri, Jaafar;Altaweel, Mark;Tuji, Akihito;Anma, Ryo;Pennington, Benjamin;Rost, Stephanie;Watanabe, Chikako
Quaternary International      Dec 2017   [Refereed]
For decades, it has been unclear as to how the world's first cities, in southern Mesopotamia, not only arose in a fluvial environment but also how this environment changed. This paper seeks to understand the long-term fluvial history of the region...
Paleoclimatic Changes and Human Cultural Evolution in West Asia
Anma, Ryo;Maruoka, Teruyuki
Ancient West Asian Civilization-Geoenvironment and Society in the Pre-Islamic Middle East   51-63   Mar 2017
Recent studies of paleoenvironmental changes in and around the Arabian Peninsula have suggested that extremely wet periods occurred during the late Pleistocene and early Holocene; these periods started around the termination of the glacial periods...
常木 晃;渡部展也;安間, 了;サーベル, アハマッド
第24回西アジア発掘調査報告会報告集   10-15   Apr 2017
Shin, Ki-Cheol; Anma, Ryo; Nakano, Takanori; Orihashi, Yuji; Ike, Shin-ichi
EPISODES   38(4:::SI) 285-299   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
Deformation structures and strain distribution in sedimentary rocks in shallow and deep part of accretionary prisms
日本地質学会学術大会講演要旨   109 127   Sep 2002

Books etc

Geoguide of the Yakushima Island
島津 弘;安間, 了;江口 卓;清水長正;七山 太
Yamakei Syuppan   Aug 2016   
Foundation of Ocean Floor Science
安間, 了;日本地質学会「海洋底科学の基礎」編集委員
Kyoritsu   Sep 2016   
Yakushima: an Island Arc Pluton above a Subduction Zone
Mar 1997   ISBN:915543908X
Mar 1990   
The diamond bearing Kokchetav massif, Kazakhstan
Parkinson;C.D.;Katayama;I.;Liou;J.G.;Maruyama;S.;Kaneko;Y.;Terabayashi;M.;Yamamoto;H.;Ishikawa;M.;Anma;R.;Ota;T.;Nakajima;Y.;Yamamoto;J.;and, Yamauchi.;K.;+安間, 了
Universal Academy Press Inc.   Jan 2002   

Conference Activities & Talks

Geology, Environmental Changes and Human History in West Asia
安間, 了
Geological Society of Japan 121st Annual Meeting   13 Sep 2014   日本地質学会
Chemical compositions of Mesopotamian tablet clay preserved in the Slemani Museum, Iraq
安間, 了;申, 基澈;中野, 孝教;昆, 慶明;辻, 彰洋;渡辺, 千香子;横尾, 頼子;Rasheed, Kamal
Geological Society of Japan Annual Meeting   11 Sep 2015   日本地質学会
Elucidation of whole Mid-Miocene granitic magmatism of the outer zone of southwestern Japan, Kyushu province: Constraint from LA-ICPMS U-Pb age determination
折橋, 裕二;新正, 裕尚;安間, 了
Geochemical Society of Japan   16 Sep 2015   
安間, 了
西アジア文明研究センター・シンポジウム「西アジア文明学の創出2:古代西アジア文明が現代に伝えること」   3 Mar 2017   西アジア文明研究センター
安間, 了;横尾頼子;浅井公輔;申 基澈;中野孝教
6th Symposium on Isotopic Environmental Sciences   22 Dec 2016   総合地球環境学研究所


The diamond bearing Kokchetav massif, Kazakhstan
安間, 了   The Others   1998 - 2002
JAMSTEC YK99-09 Leg 2 cruise
安間, 了   The Others   Oct 1999 - Nov 1999
安間, 了   The Others   Apr 2000 - Mar 2003
A geologic history of Yakushima: How a 1,935 m high mountain formed in ocean.
JAMSTEC YK00-08 Leg 2 cruise
安間, 了   The Others   Sep 2000 - Oct 2000
Chile ridge subduction and temporal and spacial evolution of magmatism along the Chilean arc
安間, 了   The Others   Apr 2001 - Mar 2005

Research Grants & Projects

Intrusion mechanism and origin of island-arc granites
The Swedish Institute, Svensk Forskning bidrag: Scolarship
Project Year: Apr 1991 - Mar 1997    Investigator(s): Ryo Anma
IODP Exp. 312: Superfast spreading crust
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program: 
Project Year: Oct 2005 - Oct 2008    Investigator(s): Sumio Miyashita
Mechanism of Glacier Variations and Elucidation of the Holocene Environment in Patagonia Icefield, South Ameri
Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science: Kiban A
Project Year: Apr 2006 - Mar 2010    Investigator(s): Masamu Aniya
IODP Exp. 335
J-DESC: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
Project Year: Apr 2011 - Apr 2014    Investigator(s): Damon Teagle・Benoit Ildefonse