KATO Hirofumi

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KATO Hirofumi
Hokkaido University
Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies
Job title
Master of Letters(University of Tsukuba): 1994 March(University of Tsukuba)


Detailed information see to Personal Home Page: https://www.hirofumi-kato.com.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Steering committee member, Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University
Apr 2016
External staff, Arctic Research Centre, Hokkaido University
Oct 2014
Visiting scholar, Centre for Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture, University of Oxford
Oct 2014
Visiting Professor, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University
Apr 2014
Board of Associate, Slavic-Eurasia Research Centre, Hokkaido University
Oct 2010
professor, Center for Ainu & Indigenous studies, Hokkaido University
Apr 2007
Sep 2010
Associate professor, Graduate school of letters, Hokkaido University
- Professor,Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies
Apr 2001
Mar 2007
Associate professor, Graduate school of letters, Hokkaido university
 Associate Professor


University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Foreign Language, Sapporo University

Awards & Honors

Mar 2016
Outstanding Performance Award, President's Award for Research in 2015, Hokkaido University

Published Papers

Vegetation change and human impacts on Rebun Island (Northwest Pacific) over the last 6000 years,
C. Leipe, S. Müller, K. Hille, H. Kato, F. Kobe, M. Schmidt, K. Seyffert, R. Spendler, M. Wagner, A.Weber, P. Tarasov
Quaternary Science Reviews,   193 129-144   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Reading the History of Ainu Ethnogenesis: The History of Hokkaido as Seen from Rebun Island
KATO Hirofumi
An Introduction to Ainu Studies, Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies   49-60   Mar 2018   [Invited]
Exploring the emergence of an 'Aquatic' Neolithic in the Russan Far East: organic residue analysis of early hunter-gatherer pottery from Sakhalin Island
Gibbs K., S. Isaksson, O. E. Craig, A. Lucquin, V. Grishenko.yacheslav, T. Farrell, A. Thompson, H. Kato, A. Vasilevski, P. Jordan.
Antiquity   91(360) 1484-1500   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Barley (Hordeum vulgare) in the Okhotsk culture (5th-10th century AD) of northern Japan and the role of cultivated plants in hunter-gatherer economies
C. Leipe; E. Sergusheva, S. Müller, R. Spengler III, T. Goslar, H. Kato, M. Wagner, A. Weber, P. Tarasov
PLOS ONE   12(3)    Mar 2017   [Refereed]
The Ainu and Japanese Archaeology: A change of perspective
KATO Hirofumi
Japanese Journal of Archaeology   4(2) 185-190   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Okamoto Y., H. Ishida, R. Kimura, T. Sato, N. Tsuchiya, S. Murayama, H. Fukase, T. Nagaoka, N. Adachi, M. Yoneda, A. Weber, H. Kato,
Anthropological Science   124(2) 107-125   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
S. Lynch, H. Kato, A. Weber
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports      May 2016   [Refereed]
S. Müller, M. Schmidt, A. Kossler, C. Leipe, T. Irino, M. Yamamoto, H. Yonenobu, T.Goslar, H. Kato, M. Wagner, A. Weber, P. Tarasov
The Holocene      Apr 2016   [Refereed]
Reconstruction of Maritime Adaptation in Rebun Island
KATO Hirofumi
SER: Indigenous Cultures in the North Pacific Rim   (132) 125-143   Dec 2015   [Refereed][Invited]
Ainu Archaeology and Public Archaeology
KATO Hirofumi
Archaeology Quaternary   (133) 72-75   Oct 2015   [Refereed][Invited]
Sato T., Khenykhenova F., Simakova A., Danukalova G., Morosova E., Yoshida K., Kunikita D., Kato H., Suzuki K., Lipnina E., Medvedev G. and Martynovich N
Quaternary International   (33) 146-155   May 2014   [Refereed]
Palaeolithic in Siberia
KATO Hirofumi
Archaeology Qurternary   (126) 45-48   Jan 2014   [Refereed][Invited]
Climate change and the formation of Northern Hunter Culture.
KATO Hirofumi
(26) 41-47   Mar 2012   [Refereed][Invited]
Bering strait from the Perspective of Palaeolithic Study
KATO Hirofumi
Palaeolithic Archaeology   (75) 93-100   Sep 2011   [Refereed][Invited]
Microblade complexes in Siberia (2)
KATO Hirofumi
Palaeolithic Archaeology   (73) 47-56   Aug 2010   [Refereed]
Micro blade complexes in Siberia
KATO Hirofumi
Paleolithic Archaeology   (72) 1-15   Aug 2009   [Refereed]
The Perspective of Indigenous Archaeology: Cultural heritage, Indigenous peoples and Archaeology
KATO Hirofumi
Hokkaido Archaeology   (45) 31-44   May 2009   [Refereed]


Kato Hirofumi, Ishii Jun
9(0) 57-96   Mar 1998
About Bone and Antler Point from Eastern Siberian Late Paleolithic
45(7) 11-26   1993
A Case Study of Technological Adaptation of Microblade Industories in Eastern Siberia
Paleolithic Archaeology   (47) 1-16   1993
Bifacial Tools as Mobile Gear
26-43   1996
Subsistemce Activities in the Microbalde Industories: from Siberian Perspective
48(3-4) 28-36-19-28   1996

Books etc

History of the Ainu
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Joint Editor)
Apr 2018   ISBN:978-4634591035
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Joint Work, 「アイヌ考古学から先住民考古学へ:考古学における脱植民地化の可能性」)
Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies   Mar 2018   ISBN:978-4-907256-09-8
Repatriation of Indigenous Human Remains
KATO Hirofumi
Indigenous Archaeology series Vol.1   Mar 2018   ISBN:978-4-9910124-0-2
Archaeologies of ‘us’ and ‘them’ – debating the ethics and politics of ethnicity and indigeneity in archaeology and heritage discourse
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Archaeological heritage and Hokkaido Ainu: ethnicity and research ethics)
Routledge.   Feb 2017   ISBN:9781138188914
World Travel around Food and Courtesy
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Chapter 1: From Ritual object to Hunting Object: Seeking the origin of Food and Courtesy in Siberia)
University of Tohoku Press   Nov 2014   
60 issues on Archaeological Studies
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, How archaeology can describe the ethnic group)
Society of Archaeological Studies   Apr 2014   
The Encyclopaedia of Global Archaeology
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Hokkaido Sequences and Archaeology of the Ainu people)
Springer   2014   
Archaeology of Glaves
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Chapter 1: Emergence of grave: Graves and Funeral rites in Palaeolithic)
Yoshikawa Kobunkan   May 2013   
Homo sapience and Archaic human: Replacement from Palaeolithic archaeology
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Chapter 2: Palaeolithic chronology and Replacement)
Rokuichi Shobou   Jan 2013   
Dictionary of Historical terms after Post-War period
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Ainu culture)
Tokyodo shoten   Jul 2012   
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Joint Work, Baikal Siberia and Japanese Island in human history)
The University of Museum, University of Tokyo   Mar 2012   
Construction of New Ainu History: from Prehistory to Medieval period
KATO Hirofmi (Part:Joint Editor, Summery: History of Multi-voices)
Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies   Mar 2012   
Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Tourism
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Joint Editor, Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Community-based archaeology)
Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies   Mar 2012   
Being and Becoming Indigenous Archaeologists.
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Living Archaeology for the Ainu in Hokkaido)
Rutledge   Mar 2011   
History and People in Northeast Asia
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Chapter 2: Human history in Out of Siberia)
Hokkaido University Press   Dec 2010   
Indigenous Archaeologies: A Reader on Decolonization
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Whose archaeology?: Decolonizing Archaeological Perspective in Hokkaido Island)
Rutledge   Aug 2010   
Ainu Studies: Present and Future
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, The Role of Archaeology for Ainu Studies)
Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies   Apr 2010   
Personality and Academic Works of Chris Mashiho
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Chapter 2: Perspective of Ainu Studies by Chiri Mashiho)
Hokkaido University Press   Apr 2010   
Travel around the North: 9days travel by Humanities
KATO Hirofumi (Part:Contributor, Day 9: Archaeology of Traveling Human: Beyond the Steppe and Tundra)
Hokkaido University Press   Apr 2010   
ed. George Nicholas

Conference Activities & Talks

The World of Sea of Japan: Sharing common geographical and environmental time
KATO Hirofumi
Russia-Japan Student Forum   4 Sep 2017   
Current situations Indigenous Ainu and the Responsibility of Hokkaido University
KATO Hirofumi
Joint workshop between National Dong-Hwa University and Hokkaido University,   6 Jun 2017   
The Paleolithic Site Mal’ta in E. Siberia: New Discoveries and New Situation
KATO Hirofumi
82nd Annual Meeting of Society of American Archaeology   2 Apr 2017   
Indigenous archaeology, Ainu Ethnohistory, Prehistory in Hokkaido
KATO Hirofumi
Hokkaido-Helsinki Seminar   3 Mar 2017   
Working Together: Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies
KATO Hirofumi
Hokkaido-Helsinki Seminar   2 Mar 2017   
Current National Ainu policy and Ainu archaeology: repatriation, research ethics, new collaboration
KATO Hirofumi
Uppsala University and Hokkaido University Joint Seminar in 2017   17 Jan 2017   
The Ainu issues and Japanese Archaeology
KATO Hirofumi
8th World Archaeological Congress   28 Aug 2016   
Introuction of Course “History of Human Ecology
KATO Hirofumi
Worcester Collage, University of Oxford, Oxford   18 Mar 2016   
Indigenous Archaeology in Hokkaido and Ainu Ethnohistory
KATO Hirofumi
Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University   25 Feb 2016   
Unearthing the Formation Process of Ethnicity through Archaeological Investigation: A Case of Archaeological Field School in Rebun Island
KATO Hirofumi
Department of Archaeology, University of Helsinki   18 Jan 2016   
History of Human Ecology in the North: JSPS Core to Core Program 2013-2017
KATO Hirofumi
Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University   15 Jan 2016   
The Role of Maritime Adaptation for the Formation Process of Ethnicities
KATO Hirofumi
11th Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies   8 Sep 2015   
Working together and making together
KATO Hirofumi
European Archaeology Association 2015   4 Sep 2015   
Making Global Story in the Small Remote Island: Some Results from Hamanaka 2 sire [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
Special Lecture at the University Museum of Far East Federal University   10 Mar 2015   
Tracing the Emergence of Ainu Ethnicities using the Archaeological Data [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
Workshop of Sainsbury Institute for the study of Japanese Arts and Cultures: Ainu Art and Archaeology, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture   23 Feb 2015   
Tracing the Emergence of Ainu Ethnicities using the Archaeological Data [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
Special Lecture at SILA Project, National Museet Denmark   19 Feb 2015   
Tracing the Emergence of Ainu Ethnicities using the Archaeological Data [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
An international Japan-Netherlands Archaeology Workshop: Northern Hunter-Gatherers in Comparative Perspective: Identity, Technology and Transformation, University of Groningen   13 Jan 2015   
Ainu culture and their original characteristics from Archaeological and Anthropological perspective
KATO Hirofumi
JSPS Core to core workshop on Indigeneities concept, University of Oxford   11 Dec 2014   
Results of International Archaeological Field School at Hamanaka 2 site, Rebun Island, Hokkaido , Japan (2011.2013 years) [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
International Workshop Baikal-Hokkaido Archaeology Project   4 May 2014   
From "Okhotsk" culture to "Ainu culture": Maritime adaptation and human migration
KATO Hirofumi
SEAPEOPLE 2014:<Archaeology of maritime hunter-gatherers: From Settlement function to the organization of the coastal zone>, University of Rennes,   10 Apr 2014   
Current issues around Ainu and Ainu Japanese Archaeology [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture Seminar Series, Oxford Centre for Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture, School of Archaeology   19 Feb 2014   
Who are Ainu and whose heritage?: Current issues in Hokkaido Archaeology [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
Seminar in Department of Archaeology, University of Uppsala   19 Feb 2014   
Formation Process of Ainu Ethnicity and Bear Cult
KATO Hirofumi
The Third Seminar of the Project of North: Seminar on Human and Animal Interactions”, Department of Archaeology, University of Aberdeen   3 Dec 2013   
Archaeological heritage and Hokkaido Ainu: ethnicity and research ethics [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
International Workshop “Archaeology of ‘Us’ and ‘Them’: debating of the ethics and politics of ethnicity and indigeneity in archaeology and heritage discourse”, University of Uppsala   24 Oct 2013   
Mobile or Settled: Cultural Functional Diversity of Prehistoric Pottery in Hokkaido Island
KATO Hirofumi
Circumpolar Ceramics: Hunter-Gatherer Pottery Technology and the ‘Foraging Spectrum’’. The 78th Annual meeting of Society of American Archaeology   6 Apr 2013   
Who are Ancestor? : Significance of New approach in World heritage site, Shiretoko, Hokkaido Island
KATO Hirofumi
Symposium of Who are Ancestors?, The 78th Annual meeting of Society of American Archaeology,   5 Apr 2013   
Thinking the beginning of Early Upper Paleolithic in Siberia and Central Asia
KATO Hirofumi
2012 International Conference on Replacement of Neanderthals by Modern Humans: Testing Evolutionary Models of Learning。   19 Nov 2012   
Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Tourism [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
International Symposium: Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Tourism. Sustainable Week of Hokkaido University   13 Oct 2012   
Indigenous Archaeology of the Ainu [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
The 17th JSPS “Science in Japan Forum”: Routes of Indigenous Research   12 Jul 2012   
Interdiscipnary Research of the Bolishoj Narin Site, East Siberia
Takao SATO, Fedora KHENZKHENOVA, Alexsandra SIMAKOVA, Nikolay MARTYNOVICH, Hirofumi KATO, Kenji SUZUKI, Kunio YOSHIDA, Ekatelina LIPNONA, German MEDVEDEV
4th Annual Meeting of the Asian Paleolithic  Association   26 Nov 2011   
Dispersal of ancient human groups and replacement from Neanderthal to Modern Human in Siberia [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
2011 Seoul National University and Hokkaido University Joint Symposium   19 Nov 2011   
Cultural Heritage, Cultural Landscape and Indigenous Knowledge [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
International Symposium Tourism and Landscape in the North. Hokkaido and Finland,   1 Nov 2011   
Community-based case study for Ainu in Hokkaido, Japan [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
IPinCH Community-based Heritage Research Workshop   15 Oct 2010   
A New Age for the SAA: International Indigenous Archaeology
KATO Hirofumi
75th Anniversary Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology   16 Apr 2010   
Technological Evolution, Adaptation and Emergence of Upper Paleolithic
KATO Hirofumi
17th Congress The Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association   1 Dec 2009   
Whose World Heritage and Indigenous Peoples? : Issues Surrounding World Heritage in Japan
KATO Hirofumi
69th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology   19 Mar 2009   
World Heritage and Indigenous Archaeology in Hokkaido
KATO Hirofumi
6th World Archaeological Congress   1 Jul 2008   
The Origin and Lineage of the Blade and Microblade Complex in Hokkaido Island
KATO Hirofumi
4th Worldwide Conference Society for East Asian Archaeology   4 Jun 2008   
Emergence of the Blade and the Microblade Industries in the Northern Japanese Archipelago
KATO Hirofumi
Transformed Value and Function:Indigenous Archaeology in Hokkaido [Invited]
KATO Hirofumi
Workshop & International Conference 2007,Data and Interpretation:on Contemporary Understanding of Anthropological Knowledge   5 Oct 2007   
A New Discovery of the Bear Ceremony (IOMANTE) and the Origin of Ainu Culture
KATO Hirofumi
The Ethnohistory and Archaeology of Northern Eurasia:Theory, Method and Practice   19 May 2007   
Emergence of the Blade and the Microblade Industries in the Northern Japanese
Ancient Culture in the Circum Japan Sea Area:from Paleolithic to Ethnographic stage
KATO Hirofumi
37th The International Congress of Asian and African Studies,ICANAS   23 Aug 2004   
A Study of the Microblade Flaking Technology in Northeast Asia
KATO Hirofumi
3rd Worldwide Conference Society for East Asian Archaeology   17 Jun 2004   
Emergence of Micro Blade Industories in Hokkaido Island
17th Congress The Indo‐pacific Prehistory Association   2002   


Organizing Intrnational Project for Human History in Northern Area
Developing educational materials for Ainu Culture and History
Working Group for New Ainu Ethnohistory
Developing Ainu Ecotour
Investigation of Prehistoric Marine Time Adaptation and Formation of Ethnic Indentity in Shiretoko

Research Grants & Projects

International Research Network for Indigenous Studies and Cultural Diversity
Japanese Society of Promotion of Science: Core to Core Program (Advanced Research Networks)
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2023    Investigator(s): KATO Hirofumi
Formation of Ethnic group in the Boarder zone
JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research A
Project Year: Apr 2016 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): KATO Hirofumi
Advanced Core Research Center for the History Human Ecology in the North
JSPS: The core to Core Program (Advanced Research Networks)
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2018    Investigator(s): KATO Hirofumi
Baikal-Hokkaido Archaeology Project
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: Major Collaborative Research Initiatives
Project Year: Jan 2011 - Dec 2017    Investigator(s): A. Weber
Pursuit of the Formation Processes of Ainu Ethnicity
JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research A
Project Year: Oct 2012 - Mar 2016    Investigator(s): KATO Hirofumi
International Comparative Studies for Indigenous Rights with the relation of Cultural Heritage
JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for challenging Exploratory Research
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Mar 2011    Investigator(s): KATO Hirofumi
Creating Indigenous Archaeology in World Heritage Site Shiretoko and Development of Cultural Resources
JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2011    Investigator(s): KATO Hirofumi
Archaeology of Northern Hunter-Gatherers
International Joint Research Projects
Project Year: 2008   
Ainu Ethnohistory
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2007   
Environmental Adaptation Activities of Prehistoric Populations in North Asia
JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists A
Project Year: Apr 2003 - Mar 2006    Investigator(s): KATO Hirofumi
Indigenous Archaeology
Project Year: 2006   
Paleolithic Archarology in North Asia
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2002   
Archarology in Hokkaido Island
Project Year: 2000   
History of Archarological Thought in Russia
Project Year: 2000   

Social Contribution

Arctic Adaptation by Human: Thinking of Alternative Human History
[Lecturer]  Hokkaido University and Hokkaido Shinbun Press  Academic Fantasista  18 Nov 2015 - 8 Dec 2015
Archaeology and Indigenous peoples: To whom speak whose history
[Lecturer]  Hokkaido Ainu Association  Memorial symposium of International day for Indigenous peoples in 2015  8 Aug 2015 - 8 Aug 2015
Arctic Adaptation by Human: Thinking of Alternative Human History
[Lecturer]  Hokkaido University and Hokkaido Shinbun Press  Academic Fantasista  26 Oct 2014
New Direction of International Academic communities: Challenging of Indigenous Archaeology in Rebun Island
[Lecturer]  Hokkaido Ainu Association  Memorial Symposium of International day for Indigenous peoples in 2014  9 Aug 2014 - 9 Aug 2014