YAMAMOTO Yoshikazu

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YAMAMOTO Yoshikazu
Akita Prefectural University
Faculty of Bioresource Sciences, Department of Biological Production
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Research Areas



Chemical constituents of cultured Euphorbia tirucalli and E. millii cells.
Plant Cell Reports   1 29-30   1981
Selection of a high and stable pigment-producing strain in cultured Euphorbia millii cells.
Theoretical & Appllied Genetics   61 113-116   1982
Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO, Noboru KADOTA, Ryuzo MIZUGUCHI, Yasuyuki YAMADA
Agricultural & Biological Chemistry   47(5) 1021-1026   1983
Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO, Ryuzo MIZUGUCHI, Yasuyuki YAMADA
Agricultural & Biological Chemistry   49(11) 3347-3348   1985
Yasuyuki YAMADA, Hiromichi MORIKAWA, Fumihiko SATO, Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO
Proceeding of Japan Academy   63(6) 208-210   1987

Books etc

Production of lichen substances.
Plant Cell Culture in Japan.   1991   
Anthocyanin production in plant cell cultures.
Plant Cell Culture in Japan   1991   
XV Euphorbia spp. : In vitro culture and production of anthocyanins.
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (]G0003[)   1992   
Screening of biological activities and isolation of biological-active compounds from lichens.
Recent Research Developments in Phytochemistry   1998   

Research Grants & Projects

Production of bio-active substances by Lichen-derived cultures
Elucidation and application of mechanism of environmental tolerance of Lichens