TAJIMA Tadaatsu

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TAJIMA Tadaatsu
Tenshi College
School of Nursing and Nutrition, Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Research Areas



"Religions Consciousness"among Contemporary Japanese Youth : The Practice and Effect of Religions Education
Sophia University Studies in Sociology   (17) 77-100   1993
Diversity of Ancestral Rituals in the Okinawan Cultural Area : A Comparison between Okinawa and Amami
Journal of Religions Studies   71(1) 105-125   1997
Contemporary Society and Folk Religion : the Meaning of its Study and possibilities of its future
84-97   1987
The Chang and Reformation of Ethical Values Among Rural-urban Migrants
1-29   1990
Survey Research Report of Religions Education Among Religions High Schools in Japan
Bulletin of Ake no Hoshi Women's Junior College   (9) 153-210   1991

Books etc

The Religions Change of Urban Migrants from a Rural Village in the Amami Islands after World War (]G0002[)
Bulletin of Ake no Hoshi Women's Junior College   1998   


A Sociological Survey in the Amami Islanders in cities and in mother villages
1977 - 2000
A Sociological Survey in the Cheju Islanders in mothe Villages and in Cities of Japan and of the United States
Field Research in Sclools in Japan
1989 - 2000
Field Research in Sclools in South Korea

Research Grants & Projects

Rural-Urban Migration and Conversion to New Religions
Religions Education from Religions Socilization point of view
Migration and Cultural Change