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Rissho University
Faculty of Buddhist Studies, Department of Buddhism
Doctor of Literature(Rissho University Graduate School)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1996
Mar 2000
Rissho University Faculty of Buddhist Studies Lecturer
Apr 2016


Mar 1990
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Rissho University Graduate School
Mar 1988
Faculty of Literature, Chuo University

Published Papers

A Report of discovery and its Study on the graded oldest stone-carved Buddhist Sutra in China: On the inscription of the chapter of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva in Lotus Sutra included the remains named Shayu rock-carved statues at Heshun city, Shanxi provi
Hokke Bunka Kenkyu [Journal of Institute for the Comprehensive Study of Lotus Sutra]   (40) 23-66,57-58   Mar 2014
Lady Wu's Politics and Buddhism with Special Reference to the Chengui
The Journal of the Nippon Buddhist Research Association   (74) 121-132   Jul 2009
A Report of Field Work of Buddhist Historical Sites in the Middle-northern Area of Shanxi Province in China : With Special References to Stone Inscriptions and Sculptures
OSAKI GAKUHO   (162) 75-120   Mar 2009
Kong Wang Fo and Kong Wang :A Study of the Examples in the Stone Inscriptions and Historical Documents
Rissho Daigaku Toyoshi Ronshu (The Journal of Oriental Studies)   (18) 11-24   Sep 2008
Legends and Historical Facts of Zhi-chao : A Monk Praised as Kong Wang Fo Rissho Shigaku
Rissho Shigaku [The Historical Reports of Rissho University]   (103) 51-69   Mar 2008


A Route of the Eastward Diffusion of Buddhism: the Relics Excavated from Kuva Ruins of Fergana Region in the Republic of Uzbekistan
KARA-TEPE 2015   63-71   Mar 2016
Kong Wang Fo and Kong Wang :A Study of the Examples in Chinese Buddhist Scriptures
Sakawa Senkyo Hakase Koki-kinen Ronbunshu :Bukkyo-bunka no Shosou (Aspects of Buddhist Culture)   55-77   Feb 2008
Study of History,and the Buddhism : An Examination based on the Ritual of the Eight Precepts of Purity
The Role of Buddhism in the 21st Century   137-150   Nov 2005
The Role of Buddhism in the 21st Century -Proceedings of the Fourth Chung-Hwa International Conference on Buddhism-
The Prosperous Celebration of the Ritual of the Eight Precepts of Purity(Ba-guan Zhai-hui)and the Faith of People in Tang's Period
Sasaki Koken Hakase Koki-kinen Bukkyo-gaku Bukkyo-shi Ronshu   107-116   Mar 2002
A Study on a Catalogue of Buddhist Library in T'ang's China
179-193   Mar 2001

Research Grants & Projects

A Historic study of cases on Buddhist faiths and on political instructions in historical materials caved stone
An Area Study on the Relation between Religion and Society from South-North Dynasties to Tang Dynasties
A Study of an Buddhist encyclopedia