KOGA Tsunenori

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KOGA Tsunenori
Wakayama University
Faculty of Education
Job title
Master of Science(Kyushu University), Ph.D.(Science)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Faculty of Education, Wakayama University
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Wakayama University
Domestic Research Fellow of
Research Fellow of
Japan Science and Technology Corporation
the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science


Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyushu University
Faculty of Science, Kyushu University

Awards & Honors

The first time: Yasuyuki Oshima Award, Ecological Society of Japan

Published Papers

Yasuda CI, Otoda M, Nakano R, Takiya Y, Koga T
Ecological Research   32 347-357   2017   [Refereed]
Size differences of the hermit crabs depending on the size of gastropod shells between Kada and Tomogashima in the Wakayama prefecture
Shiozaki Y, Terashima A, Yasuda CI, Koga T
Nankiseibutu   58 48-51   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Muramatsu D & Koga T
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology   70(5) 713-724   May 2016   [Refereed]
Yasuda CI, Koga T
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology   70 2175-2183   2016   [Refereed]


New records of rare species of two bivalves from the Tidalflat Park of Nanaura, Saga Prefecture, Ariake Inland Sea, Japan (in Japanese with English Summary)
Tsunenori KOGA, Hiroyoshi YAMASHITA, Kiyoshi SATAKE and Toru YABE
The Yuriyagai   10(1/2) 1-6   2008
Mating behaviors of brachyuran crabs: with special reference to reproductive strategy, sexual selection and predator-prey interactions (in Japanese with English Summary)
Tsunenori Koga
Japanese Journal of Ecology   57(1) 1-12   2007
Foraging behavior of a whimbrel Numenius phaerpus in the Waka river estuary
Kohsuke Ueno, Tsunenori Koga
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University - Natural Science-   (56) 21-26   2006
Infection of digenean trematode parasite in five species of brachyuran crabs in the tidal flats of Wakayama City (in Japanese with English summary)
Nankiseibutu   47(1): 33-36    2005
Richness, diversity, biomass, and endangered species of macrobenthic fauna from tidal flats in Japan (in Japanese with English summary)
Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology   10: 35-45    2005
A rare crab species Pseudopinnixa carinata (Ortmann, 1894) collected from the Waka River Estuary, Wakayama Prefecture, middle Japan
NANKISEIBUTU   45 (2): 145-146    2003
Distribution and size structure of Batillariid and Potamidid snails on the rivermouth tidal flats of Waka-River
NANKISEIBUTU   45 (2): 85-91    2003
On the microphallid metacercariae (Trematoda: Microphallidae) found in Scopimera globosa inhabiting on the tidalflats in Tokyo Bay (Chiba Prefecture) and in an estuary of Waka-River (Wakayama Prefecture)
Transactions of the Nagasaki Biological Society   (53): 50-53    2001
On the metacercariae of three species of the genus Maritrema (Trematoda: Microphallidae) found in Scopimera globosa inhabiting on three main islands of the Ryukyus
Transactions of the Nagasaki Biological Society   (53): 12-16    2001
Mating behavior of the fiddler crabs
Aquabiology   21(6) 509-515   1999
Metacercaria of Microphalloides japonicus (Digenea : Microphallidae) found in Ilyoplax pusilla (Decapoda : Ocypodidae) on the seashore of the eastern part of Fukuoka City, Kyushu, Japan(共著)
Transactions of the Nagasaki Biological Society   50 5-8   1999
Metacercaria of Gynaecotyla squatarolae (Digenea : Microphallidae) found in Scopimera globosa (Decapoda : Ocypodidae) on the seashore of the eastern part of Fukuoka City, Kyushu(共著)
Transactions of the Nagasaki Biological Society   47 51-54   1996

Books etc

Behavioral Ecology
KUTSUKAKE Nobuyuki, KOGA Tsunenori (Part:Joint Editor)
Jun 2012   

Conference Activities & Talks

Resource value differentially affects fighting success between reproductive and non-reproductive seasons
Sultana Z, Takaoka J, Koga T
Behaviour 2013 - International Ethological Conference Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour   Aug 2013   
Underground mating (UM) of the fiddler crab Uca tetragonon with intermediate traits for the evolution of UM in the genus Uca and different traits from others depending on the life history in this species
Koga T, Murai M, Goshima S, Poovachiranon S
The First Asian Marine Biology Symposium   Dec 2012   
Contests for multifunctional resources: the effects of qualitatively different factors on resource values and animal personality [Invited]
Koga T, Yoshino K, Ikeda S
The Crustacean Society Summer Meetings   Jun 2011   
Predation intensity by birds affects parasite prevalence in inter tidal crabs [Invited]
KOGA Tsunenori
Mar 2011   
Resource value and/or resource holding power determine(s) the outcome of fights in male crabs in reproductive and non-reproductive seasons
13th International Society for Behavioral Ecology Congress   2010   
Perceived predation risk and mate defense jointly alter the outcome of territorial fights
The Crustacean Society Summer Meetings & 47th Annual Meeting of Carcinological Society of Japan   2009   
Predation intensity by birds affects parasite prevalence in inter tidal crabs
45th Annual Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society   2008   
Increased predation risk and acquisition of mate simultaneously alter the outcome of territorial fights
12th International Behavioral Ecology Congress   2008   
Parasites in a crab: infection by a digenean trematode implys high species richness and the trematode potentially manipulates the crab
VIII INTECOL International Congress of Ecology   2002   
Elevated predation risk affects how females choose mates in the fiddler crab Uca beebei
7th International Behavioral Ecology Congress   1998   
Effects of the parasites on reproductive success of the sand crabs
35th Annual Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society   1998   
Mating Strategies of Scopimera globosa (Crustacea: Ocypodidae)
22nd International Ethological Conference   1991   
Sexual Difference of Foraging Behavior in Sika Deea in Nozaki Island, Japan
V International Congress of Ecology   1990   


Behavior and ecology of the ocypodid crabs in Panama
1998 - 2000
Predation risk and mating behavior in the fiddler crab ┣DBUca beebei(/)-┫DB

Research Grants & Projects

Biodiversity in the tidalflats
Mating behavior and sexual selection in the ocypodid crabs