ABE Kosuke

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ABE Kosuke
Kindai University
Nara Hospital Kinki University Faculty of Medicine

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Medicine, Kinki University

Published Papers

MR imaging of hydrogel scleral buckle as a late complication after retinal detachment surgery
Acta Med Kinki Univ   38(2) 111-113   Jan 2014
The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine   222(1) 45-50   Sep 2010
We investigated the coordinated function of CTGF and FN in the attachment and migration of corneal epithelial cells. CTGF cooperates with FN in enhancing the attachment and migration of corneal epithelial cells.
Post surgical outcome of sensory exotropia
63(8) 1299-1302   Aug 2009


Proteinase in hibitory spectrum of mouse murinoglobulin and alpha-macroglobulin
J. Biochem. (Tokyo)   106 564-565   1989
Clearance of desialylated mouse alpha-macroglobulin and murino globulin in the mouse
J. Biochem. (Tokyo)   108 726-729   1990
Emergency Outpatient Clinic
57(13) 1790-1791   Dec 2003

Conference Activities & Talks

Effect of suppression during tropia and phoria on phoria maintenance in intermitent exotropia
Apr 2013   
Optical Optical coherence tomographicfindings at thefixation point in a case of bilateral congenital macular coloboma
APAO2012   Apr 2012   APAO2012
Postoperative binocular function of intermittent exotropia cases with poor preoperative near stereoacuity
World Ophthalmology Conference 2012   Feb 2012   World Ophthalmology Conference 2012
Differences in reaction time and visual sensitivity among the amblyopic, the fellow, and both eyes in anisometropic amblyopes with or without microtropia
The association for research in vision and ophthalmology   May 2011   The association for research in vision and ophthalmology
Management of strabismus and amblyopia
Oct 2010   

Research Grants & Projects

Wound healing of cornea