KIHARA Masahiro

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KIHARA Masahiro
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Medicine, Public Health, Department of Global Health and Socio-epidemiology
Doctor of Medicine(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Changes in Sexual Behavior and Attitudes Across Generations and Gender Among a Population-Based Probability Sample From an Urbanizing Province in Thailand
KIHARA Masahiro
Arch Sex Behav   10    Nov 2014   [Refereed]
Musumari PM, Wouters E, Kayembe PK, Kiumbu Nzita M, Mbikayi SM, Suguimoto SP, Techasrivichien T, Lukhele BW, El-Saaidi C, Piot P, Ono-Kihara M, Kihara M
PLoS One.   9(1)    Jun 2014   [Refereed]
S.P. Suguimoto; T. Techasrivichien; P.M. Musumari; C. El-saaidi; B.W. Lukhele; M. Ono-Kihara; M. Kihara
Current HIV/AIDS Reports      2014   [Refereed]
B. Ghimire; S.P. Suguimoto; S. Zamani; M. Ono-Kihara; M. Kihara
BMC Public Health   13(1)    2013   [Refereed]
P.M. Musumari; M.D. Feldman; T. Techasrivichien; E. Wouters; M. Ono-Kihara; M. Kihara
AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV   25(10) 1271-1277   2013   [Refereed]

Books etc

Health of HIV-Infected People: Food, Nutrition, and Lifestyle without Antiretroviral Drugs
Patou Masika Musumari, Teeranee Techasrivichien, S.Pilar Suguimoto, Masako-Ono Kihara, Masahiro Kihara (Part:Joint Work, Undernutrition, Food Insecurity, and Antiretroviral Outcomes: An Overview of Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa)
Elsevier publisher/Academic Print (AP)   2015   
スティーブン・B. ハリー,Stephen B. Hulley,木原 雅子,木原 正博
メディカルサイエンスインターナショナル   Apr 2004   

Conference Activities & Talks

Changes in Sexual Behavior and Attitudes across Generations and Gender among a Population-based Probability Sample of an Urbanizing Province in Thailand (BEST POSTER AWARD)
Techasrivichien T, Darawuttimaprakorn N, Punpuing S, Musumari PM, Lukhele BW, El-saaidi C, Suguimoto SP, Feldman MD, Ono-Kihara M, Kihara M
World Health Summit Regional Meeting Asia – Kyoto   12 Apr 2015   
Study of HIV/AIDS and Food Insecurity: Review and Implications for Interventions in Reducing Global Inequities
Patou Masika Musumari, Krishna Mohan
Conference on Reducing Inequities Global in a Global and Regional Area, Bangkok, Thailand   Mar 2015   
The impact of maternal isolation on the child-rearing cost among mothers in Japan(口演優秀賞)
21 Jan 2015   
Global Health Education: Need for documented examples to outline the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of global health
Patou Masika Musumari, Teeranee Techasrivichien, S.Pilar Suguimoto, Christina El-saadi, Bhekumusa Lukhele Wellington, Masako Ono-Kihara, Masahiro Kihara
Association od Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Global Health Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan   24 Sep 2014   
Possible Barriers and Facilitators for Exclusive Breastfeeding among Japanese Mothers in an Urban City: A Cross sectional Study
Yukiko Honda, Masako Ono-Kihara, Masahiro Kihara
International scientific conference 1st Trakia Medical Days   May 2014   

Research Grants & Projects

Socio-epidemiological Studies on AIDS
Molecular Epidemiological Studies on Genetic Predisposition to Cancer