NUMAO Namiko

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NUMAO Namiko
Toyo University
College of Economics, College of Economics
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Faculty of Economics, Keio University
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Keio University

Published Papers

'The Implicaiton of Public works in rural area : an example of Yasato city in Ibaraki Pref.'
F.Kanazawa ed. "Modern Public Works:International experiences and Japanese cases", Nihon-keizai-Hyoron-sha,      2002
"Administrative Reform in Berlin"
The Industry and Trade, Economic Research Institute of Yokohama City University   (180) 67-81   2000
"Changing Role of Municipalities for Local Employment Policies"
Municipal Problems, Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research   91(5) 69-85   2000
"The Introduction of Long-Term Care Insurance and Its Impact on Local Public Finance"
Issues and Prospects of Welfare Policy for Elderly…Toward the Creation of Long-Term Care Insurance, The Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research, 1999   19-50   1999
"The Potential Applications of Rural Area Social Accounting Matrices-The Extension to the Environmental Sector and the Public Sector"
Studies in Regional Science, The Japan Section of the RSAI. 1998   28(1) 231-241   1998
"How the performance of Public Finance Impacts on the Rural Economy? : An Application of SAM(Social Accounting Matrices)Approach"
Meikai Economic Review   9(1) 68-82   1997
"Economic Circulation of the Rural Area in Japan-Social Accounting Matrices Approach"
Business Journal of Pan Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies…Innovation & I-O Technique   7 1   1996
"Functional Changes of Local Allocation Tax in the latter 1980's
International Comparisons of Tax Reform, Japan Local Public Finance Association, Keisou-Shobo, 1995   252-269   1995